Threes! is a tiny game about matching numbers that grows on you.


Learn it in a minute. Play it for a lifetime.

Your goal in Threes! is to merge an ever-growing series of tiles as possible until you have no more moves available, at which point each tile is used to calculate your final score.


Threes! is played on a 4x4 board of tiles that each shift one space over every time you tap up, down, left, or right with or . If none of the tiles are able to move in that direction, no move will be made - try a different direction!


If two tiles have the same number (or are [1] and [2]), they will merge to form a new tile that is the sum of their numbers. But be careful! Every time you make a move, a new tile is added to the board! The Next area at the top of the screen gives you a clue as to what is coming up.

Higher numbered tiles lead to higher scores! Be sure to check the Leaderboards to see how you did!

Afraid of commitment? Curious to see what might happen if you were to make a move, but worried about the consequences? Peeking is right up your alley!

Peek using the , then confirm your move using . This will let you see what would happen if you were to make a move, without any risk of actually making that move by accident.

Threes! is one of the first games that can be played in Snap Mode while you’re watching TV or doing other fun stuff on your Xbox One!


Simply say "Xbox Snap Threes" to load up Threes! in Snap Mode. Say "Xbox Go To Threes!" to transition back to full screen.


Press to go to the Home screen, then press and select Snap.


Try it out!

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