The "Mighty Numbers," a popular fighting team created by Dr. White, were no exception. Only the team's youngest member, Beck—better known as "Mighty No. 9" —managed to avoid the malfunction and flee with Dr. White. Outside the arena, they gazed upon a city descending into chaos as the malfunction spreads, driving one robot after another completely berserk.
Select "Main Game Mode" on the title screen.

At a certain point in the game, the "EX Mode" option will be added to the title screen.



  • [left stick button]
  • [right stick button]

 ↓ +
①  &

Assigning a ReXelection to one of your Direct Change keys will allow you to switch to it with a tap of the corresponding button. Set your Direct Changes by selecting "ReXelections" from the Game Options menu.

  • If you have "Sudden Death" set to on, you'll face a boss at the end of the battle if your scores are sufficiently close.

  • Set the "Battle Type" to "Combat" to earn BattlePoints. Rack up wins to earn a high ranking!
In the Audio menu, set "Retro BGM" to "On" to enjoy the game with an 8-bit style soundtrack.
If you have "Support Items" set to "On" in the Others tab of the Game Options menu, Patch will bring you supplies when you repeatedly continue in the same stage. The more you've continued, the more significant Patch's support will be!

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