Play Game

This option allows you to begin a NEW GAME or to LOAD a previously saved game. Select the file you wish to play from. If this is a NEW GAME, you will be prompted to enter your name and gender.


This game requires you to save manually when you wish to retain your progress. Simply press at any time during gameplay and select SAVE from the menu. Saved games can be resumed later by selecting PLAY GAME from the Main Menu.

If you wish to Delete your Save Data later on, you can do so from the PLAY GAME screen. Simply select DELETE, then indicate which file to Delete. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.
Move your CURSOR around the screen using .

Select objects and choices by pressing . A VERB MENU will appear. Make a selection using or then confirm with . You can easily cancel selections with .

To open your INVENTORY, you can press to jump directly to it. To use your CELL PHONE, locate it in your inventory and select it with .

You can use movement shortcuts by pressing a direction on . All currently unlocked exit directions will be displayed, represented by arrows. Hold down the direction you wish to travel for a moment, and you will exit the room in that direction.

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