Set the world on fire in Rico’s third chaotic adventure. Rico Rodriguez has defected from the Agency to pursue a personal war. With the help of friend and mentor Tom Sheldon, he returns to his homeland, the Mediterranean island nation of Medici.

His mission is simple: to topple the dictator Sebastiano Di Ravello – the man who drove a young Rico into exile and ordered the murder of his family.

Armed with grappling hook, wingsuit and parachute, Rico will fight, fly, drive, crash, burn and explode his way through Di Ravello’s armies and strongholds, give power back to the impoverished people of Medici, and tear down the monster who, decades ago, first set him on his destructive course.


Open Parachute/Jump to Roof
Melee/Nitrous/Turbo Jump
Reload Weapon/Handbrake
Deploy Wingsuit/Interact
Fire Grappling Hook
Throw Grenade/Fire Vehicle Weapon
Retract Tethers/Reverse
Fire Weapon/Accelerate
Precision Aim/Look

Open Commlink
Pause game

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