Using Zanshin has the following effects.
  (Please check Gameplay for an explanation of how to use Zanshin)
 ・Health recovery
 ・Katana gauge recovery
 ・Deals damage to bleeding enemies
The rate at which your health and katana gauge regenerates depends on the Bloodspirits around your sword.
Bloodspirits are obtained by slashing enemies.
The damage you deal to bleeding enemies depends on your level of Zeal.

Katana Gauge

This game features Zangeki sword attacks and Hand-to-hand attacks.
Using Zangeki drains the katana gauge.
If the gauge is empty, you cannot attack using your sword.
Hitting an enemy with either Zanshin or Hand-to-hand will increase the katana gauge.
Bleeding Status

Landing sword attacks will cause enemies to flash red, meaning they are bleeding.
Enemies in this state are weaker and take more damage.
Using Zanshin will damage all bleeding enemies.
Holy Technique

Holding down the "Holy Technique" button will cause you to charge power.
Upon releasing the button the stored power will be unleashed.
There are two levels of power this can be charged up to.
Pressing the "Release" button mid-charge will shorten the charge duration.
Doing so consumes katana gauge.
 This game allows you to shorten the charging process to maintain a fast pace.

Zeal increases when you hit enemies, and decreases when you take damage.
The higher your zeal, the more damage Zanshin does to bleeding enemies, and the more SP you gain.
Zeal has five levels.

Damaging enemies will cause red rings to appear around your sword.
The more rings, the more the health and katana gauges will be refilled when using Zanshin.
Holy Techniques
Holding down this button will charge an attack, which will initiate when the button is released.
There are two versions based on charge time.
If you press the "Release" button , the charge time will decrease.
This is a very useful skill, but will drain the katana gauge.
Hand-to-hand combat
Attacks not involving your sword. Landing these attacks will increase your katana gauge.
You can use these attacks even if your katana gauge is totally empty.
Attacks using your sword. These attacks drain your katana gauge.
You cannot use these attacks if the gauge is empty.
Using this button during boss battles swaps between boss and normal camera.
In normal combat, it locks on to the nearest enemy.
You can shorten the charging process of skills using this button.
There are also attacks you can perform using this button and the "hand-to-hand" or "Zangeki" buttons.
Zanshin uses accumulated bloodspirits to heal both health and katana gauge.
Start / Pause
Press the Left stick button to initiate a dash.
When using a gamepad, click in the "Left stick" once to dash. You do not need to hold down the stick.
Your dash will end when you come to a stop.