Toro, is the first bullfighting simulator game, that will challenge your skills, reflex and fast reactions interacting with 500kg bulls.

You will be able to face the bravest bulls in the most famous bullrings worldwide, and become a number one bullfighter.

In an exciting and fun way, Toro offers the possibility to get in front of the most dangerous bulls and complete a stylish performance with the wide variety of passes that are available for each round.
Career mode
Create your character, do the tutorial and begin your career in the world of bullfighting.

One of your main goals is to gain as much FAME as possible. Fame is the prestige or caché that you build up; the more fame you get the more prestigious bullrings you can get into, the more elaborate suits of lights you can get, and the more new graphics material from the galleries.

Before bullfighting in each ring you will be given a series of different CHALLENGES which you have to pass to win points. By passing these challenges you will win enough Fame to be able to get into the next level of bullrings.

You can get into the next level of bullring without passing the Challenges, but further on if you don't win enough Fame to unlock a new bullring you might have to go back and fight in bullrings you've already fought in to increase your level of Fame.

You can check the Challenges for each round from the Pause/Information menu.

Quick game
Choose Bullring, Bull, Passes and duration of game and play a quick round (only the content you have previously unlocked in Career mode will be available).

Here you can rehearse and practise the new passes and combos you have unlocked in career mode until you are sure you do them skilfully.
Description of game buttons
Pass sequence
Pass sequence
Pass sequence
Pass sequence
Taunt the bull
Face target/Perform pass
Character Movement
Create and customise your character, unlock new suits of lights and colours as you progress through career mode.
A bullfighting event has the following stages:
1st stage, "banderillas" stage, 3rd stage and kill stage.

You have to execute the series of passes you selected on the Selection of Passes screen.
Your goal is to execute the passes you chose correctly, to keep the bull's attention at all times, to execute the highest number of combos possible (when you link various passes together) and to pass the specific challenges you are set for the event.
In this game, you have to stick the "banderillas" in correctly using a series of buttons which will appear on the screen; you have to press the buttons in the same order and speed as they appear to stick the "banderillas" in.
Once you have completed the third stage, you will have to press a series of buttons in the same order and speed as they appear on screen. Then you will have to line up your sights on the bull and press the button that appears at exactly the right moment.
The indicator bars on the left and right of the screen help you know how well you're doing. You should try to keep their levels as high as possible; we tell you what they measure and how they work below.

Bull Anger Indicator
(lower left-hand side)

The bull anger indicator measures how agitated the bull is. When it shows a low level, the bull takes no notice and you will have to move closer and provoke him to charge you. As the indicator level goes up the bull gets angrier, and when it reaches maximum level the bull goes into "rage" mode and will try everything he can to gore you.

When you reach maximum bull anger level you enter QuickTime event mode: use the buttons that appear on screen to execute a series of linked passes correctly; you must press the buttons in the same order and speed as they appear to achieve this.

Spectator Satisfaction Indicator
(lower right-hand side)

The spectator satisfaction indicator measures their satisfaction with your performance in the bullring. Spectators will value your avoiding getting gored, the variety of passes you make and the variety of combos you use.
Go into the gallery every now and again to see new unlocked content, detailed descriptions of suits of lights, history of the bullrings, description of the different breed stocks and game art drawings.

Play the two mini-games "Bullrunner throw" and "Obstacle Course". 
In the "Bullrunner throw" mini-game you become the bull, and you have to choose the moment when the page is not paying attention to gore him. Use speed and angle to toss him as far as you can.
In the "Obstacle Course" mini-game, negotiate your way through the obstacles, move along the alley and break down as many doors as you can.

From this menu you can make changes to sound, screen and language.
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