Rugby World Cup 2015 is Bigben Interactive and HB Studios next generation rugby game. Stunning visual presentation and outstanding game-play are to be expected, with a full Rugby World Cup tournament mode. The Custom Cup setting allows you create your own tournaments, leagues and play-offs. There is full editing capabilities for player attributes and ratings, and you can choose from the countries in the World Cup tournament.


Whilst anyone will be able to pick the controller up and play comfortably, the top players will be those with the best feel for the different difficulty settings and who are able to take into account things like rain and wind conditions. Defence and attack strategies can be changed on the fly, and it's oh so satisfying to dive tackle your opponent.


The Friendly Match mode allows you to jump right into a game very fast, so you can get some instant gratification without worrying too much about which team to choose, or what players are on your team. If you want to tailor the match a little more there are options available to you.


Tournament Mode is based on the real-life Rugby World Cup tournament that you choose. Match results are saved along with your progression, so you can pick up playing where you left off at any time!


Within moments you can generate a unique tournament with any combination international teams.


Up to four players can play locally. Share team duties with a mate and compete against your friends in a heated battle.

General Play - With The Ball

move player
aim pass, evasive moves
dummy pass
call scissors run
pop pass
pass, miss pass (hold & release)
score try
defensive touch down
score try
change defence
change attack

General Play - Without The Ball

move player
change player (flick)
square up (hold)
change player
dive tackle, dive on the ball
change defence
change attack

General Play - Kicking & Punting

aim kick or punt
drop goal
chip (press), up & under (hold)

soccer (hold any kick or punt)

Rucks - Attacking

contest ruck, aim pass
release ball, scrum half kick long
pick up and run
scrum half kick high
attempt secure, pass
change defence
change attack

Rucks - Defending

move defender
counter ruck
change defender
attempt steal
change defence
change attack

Scrums - Attacking

drive scrum, aim pass
feed ball, scrum half kick
pick up and run
collapse scrum
hook, pass
change defence
change attack

Scrums - Defending

drive scrum
collapse scrum
change defence
change attack

Mauls - Attacking

drive maul, aim pass
bind player
scrum half kick
pick and run
collapse maul
change defence
change attack

Mauls - Defending

resist drive
collapse maul
bind player
change defence
change attack


select jumper
throw ball
change defence
change attack

Goal Kicks

aim shot
kick (pull back then flick forward)

Off-The-Ball Control

activate mode (hold while passing)
request pop pass
request pass
request punt
request drop goal
request chip, request up & under (hold)
request grubber