Welcome to Hyper Void. A challenging 3D space shooter that will put your skills to the test.

You command the RM-24, a specialized combat and defence unit among a fleet of 26 units tasked to investigate and neutralize the recent increase of foreign attacks on your boundaries. This attack pattern started after the Super Nova explosion SN-2960rda.

You will travel across galaxies through cross-dimensional wormholes. Be careful, those wormholes are highly volatile and dynamic. Sometimes you will find yourself flying upside-down or even shooting forwards but your bullets end up moving backwards.

Your mission is not easy, and you will need to develop strategies to beat your enemies and live through the wormholes. Good luck!

Buttons Description

Weapon 1: Red Particle
Weapon 2: Green Buster
Weapon 3: Blue Laser
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Your fighter has a 3 weapons that can be fired simultaneously. However, all three draw from a single power charge that depletes as you keep continuously firing, and recharges when firing is stopped. Thus, avoid shooting aimlessly and focus your attacks in short bursts for maximum efficiency.

The Red Particle weapon provides rapid medium damage shots. The Green Buster weapon deals maximum damage but it is slow and draws the most of charge. It is essential in boss battles. Finally, the Blue Laser weapon provides instant continuous damage for as long as you hold the button pressed. It is great for accuracy and far targets.

The RM-24 is capable of dashing. While moving, press the dash button to instantly teleport away from danger. While dashing you are invincible to most kinds of damage! Your dash energy refills quickly and allows you to dash once every two seconds.

Every level in Hyper Void has a Hyper Score. Beating this score in a level will unlock Hyper Mode for that level. The yellow bar at the top right corner under the score shows how far you are from beating the Hyper Score.

In Hyper Mode, you play a different fighter that has a stronger weapon and dash charger as well as nimbler movement. However, it falls short on armor. One hit will take you down, unless you recharge armor with a power-up.

Beat Hyper Mode in all levels to unlock the most valuable achievement of Hyper Void: To The Last Kilobyte!

In almost each level in Hyper Void there lies a Secret Orb. Once collected, you can skip one level ahead. For example, collecting the secret orb in level 5 will allow you to play level 7 directly.

Secret Orbs are usually hidden within certain enemies, and require you to take down that enemy or group of enemies to reveal it. As an indicator, the RM-24 AI computer will detect the presence of a secret orb and will show the following text on the screen:

typeof(Signal) == IUnknown

Once you see this message, try to locate an isolated enemy or enemy group and destroy it. If you are lucky, the secre orb will fly away as you destroy its holder. Shoot it to collect it!

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