Tour de France 2016 invites you to choose one of the teams taking part in the Grande Boucle; to embody its riders and pursue the holy grail of cycling: the yellow jersey!

We recommend that you begin with some training exercises before taking part in your first race.

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Effort control
Aerodynamic position
Race info

Instructions allow you to give orders to your team members. They are ordered by theme.


Attacking asks that a rider breakaway from his group. Following attacks will lead to an attack only if an opponent attacks.


Lets you ask a team member to relay at the front of his group and to set the intensity of his relays.


Lets you ask a team member to move next to another rider on the team, in order to protect him from the wind.


Lets you ask a team member to wait for another rider on the team, in order to help him.

Stay in his group

Lets you ask a team member to remain in his group, with a level of effort not to be exceeded. Be careful though because the rider can be dropped if the requested level is too low to keep up with the group.


Lets you ask a rider to take a feed and to tell him which one to consume.

You can play in co-op in Tour de France and Pro Team modes. Each player controls a different rider in the same team.

New game

Player 2 can join Player 1 for a new game during the presentation of the next stage. He can also join him from a saved game.

Game in progress

Player 1 must save his game and return to the main menu so that player 2 can join, either a new game, or to continue player 1's game that was in progress.

Technical support

If you encounter problems, please contact our technical support department by e-mail (service in French and English):

Please provide technical support with as much information as possible on the type of problem and how it occurs.


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