These sheep are cute, loveable and quite small. They’ve also spent their lives as living weapons for the notorious worms. Now they’ve had enough and want out!

The objective of each level is to help guide the sheep to the exit. Observing the correct route, utilising objects and avoiding any dangers present on the landscape.

Give the sheep abilities to help them navigate to the exit. There are a limited number of abilities depending on the level. Abilities can also be collected on a level in the form of crates.


Release: Releases a halted sheep (In a formation).

Jumper: Makes sheep automatically jump gaps.

Super: Sheep will climb walls and float down.

Exploder: Blows up a sheep, can be used to push other sheep and destroy certain objects.

Formations: Given directly to sheep. There are four types of formations which will halt sheep that enter them. They can then be used as steps, used to trap sheep and more. These are dropped onto the landscape..

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