ORBIT is a top down local multiplayer twin stick shooter with a focus on a competitive yet fun experience.

The goal of the game is to crush your friends in various game modes.
You control a spaceship that can thrust, shoot rockets and activate an ability.

The play-arena (the solar system) contains planets that effect the gameplay in a variety of ways, the most important and common of which is to pull the players and rockets towards itself.
Buttons Descriptions:
+ Ability
+ Attack
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Within the map there are planets orbiting each other. Every sun or planet will have unique attributes depending on its type and size. Some are gravity neutral, some push and some pull. The gravity pushes and pulls on the players and rockets, with a strength inversely proportional to the distance between the two objects.

Every ship has an energy-bar with two charges. Each charge can be used to either thrust the ship in a direction, shoot a rocket or activate an ability. Energy recharges gradually when you are not actively using your thruster. You must therefore briefly let your ship drift to be able to shoot a rocket or use an ability. If both charges are depleted and you continue to thrust for a long time, your ship will overheat and explode.

You can thrust in any direction. There is no resistance on the ships movement, so the ship will move indefinitely unless crashing into a planet or by activating its thrusters. Because of gravity pulling on the player in the direction of the planets, you will be in constant need of adjusting your trajectory to compensate. Advanced players will maneuver into a trajectory that will allow his ship to orbit around planets, so he can save precious energy.

Upon pressing the rocket button, a rocket is launched in the direction of the Aiming line (Which appears when a player aims in a direction). This also slightly recoils the ship in the opposite direction. The rockets are affected by gravity, therefore you must estimate the rockets trajectory. The moment a player is hit by a rocket, his ship explodes. Advanced players can shoot rockets that orbit planets.
  Tournament Modes  

Destroy - Crush the enemy with brutal force in this straight up brawl. First to wreck 10 kills wins!
Annihilate - Carefully outmaneuver your competitors in this insanely nerve-wrecking climb to the top! You must be the last wartorn survivor to win.
Conquer - In conquer you must elegantly keep track of all elements of the map, and use gravity to your advantage. Capture zones of extreme gravity to win!
Survive - Face your rivals... and an insane amount of asteroids. The longest surviving spaceship wins!

  Mayhem Modes  

Knifeparty - Every spaceship is equipped with an epic space-warping katana. Teleport over the enemy to split his spaceship in two!
Tennis - In tennis the spaceships all have huge shields capable of ricocheting even the fastest rockets!
Squash - When playing the squash mode all rockets bounce off the walls. Madness ensues!
Rocketfest - Upon impact, all rockets duplicate to achieve exponential fun and destruction!
Homing - Do you think you can avoid the rockets? Now they home in on the enemy... and you!
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