Baila Latino presents 20 successful, fun and exciting Latin American hits.

Learn to dance professionally, step by step, following the video instructions and achieve increasingly more important goals and prizes.

Baila Latino is a dance game that will entertain family and friends!

The game is based on professional choreography created by Carlo Romano and Vera Sokolova, with the supervision and approval of the prestigious "Carolyn Smith Dance Academy."

You can play alone or with friends, up to 6 players at the same time!

The aim of the game is to dance as much as possible following the beat and reproducing the movements of the dancers showed on the game screen. The performance will get better if your steps, detected by the Kinect sensor, will be precise. They will be compared to those of professional dancers, through a sophisticated system of 3D motion capture.

Your skill affects your personal score. You will learn to improve your movements to become a Baila Latino Dancer!
To move through the menu, you can use the controller (using the left stick or D Pad) or, alternatively, the Kinect sensor. To activate the Kinect cursor, you need to be positioned in front of the Kinect sensor and to raise the right arm. A hand-shaped cursor will be displayed on the screen. For the selection of a button you need to position over the hand cursor, and to close your fist to make the selection.

The main menu consists of various game modes, such as Single dance, Party mode, Profile, Achievements and Credits. In the Profile section you can find the data of the authenticated user (gamecard), such as Friends and Followers; in the Achievements section all the targets that have been unlocked (with their game scores) and those yet to be unlocked are shown; in the Credits section there are all the credits.

It is possible to change users by placing the cursor at the left of the top of the screen, on the authenticated username.
  • Single dance
In the single dance mode, you can select a single song. From one to six players can participate in the dance.

  • Party mode (Throw out, Battle and Resistance)
The Party mode gives the possibility to access to Throw out, Battle and Resistance modes. Throw out mode allows you to select between 2 and 5 songs: the worst player will be eliminated at every turn. The number of players who participate in the race depends on the number of the songs: the choice of 2 tracks implies the presence of 3 players, the choice of 3 tracks involves the presence of 4 players, and so on.

In the Battle mode you need to select 3 dances. The player who earns the best overall score wins.

In the Resistance mode the players compete in 5 dances. The player who earns the best overall score wins.

After choosing the game mode, you can select the track/tracks. There will be, at the bottom of the screen, a scrollable section with the covers of the songs. You can add them to the list of selected tracks by clicking on them (in the case of single dance mode there will be only one).

When a song is selected, its data (author, album, degree of difficulty) and the Xbox Live rankings are shown: the general ranking (top 20), the ranking of the player (showing your position) and the ranking of all your friends.

After selecting the track/tracks, you will advance to the engage player screen clicking on Baila!, where you need to raise your right arm to confirm the presence. When all the players will be ready in the Kinect area, the first player on the list on the right of the screen will need to raise the right arm for a few seconds to start the dance (from this screen it is possible, raising the left arm, to switch accounts, or return to the main menu by pressing the B button of the controller).

Once you started the dance session, the system evaluates the performance in terms of time and quality of execution for each step. To know in real time your progress, take a look at the messages on the screen.

They are divided into:

POOR: you are doing it all wrong
AVERAGE: not bad, you should synchronize better with the dancer
GOOD: the steps are correct, even if you are not perfectly synchronized with the dancer
PERFECT: you are phenomenal! You are perfectly running the movements, with the correct time. You have learned everything about these moves!

Do not forget that you are performing a dance in front of a mirror and that when steps are perfectly executed you can earn many points, allowing you to unlock some goals/prizes. You will recognize them by the special effects that can be seen around the 'perfect' message, accompanied by multi-chromate stars. As soon as you collect several correct steps done in the sequence, you can make the combos that will allow you to earn more points.

During the dance session, some flowers will be shown next to your score, at the top of the screen. These represent your performance over the course of a song. While you are playing, you can check the progress of your personal score associated with the number of flowers.

It is possible to pause the dance session, when all players move away from the Kinect area or by pressing the A button of the controller. To restart the dance just press the A button or raise the right arm. At this stage, it is possible to go back to the main menu by pressing the B button, while the Y button can be press to restart the current track.

At the end of the dance, you will see the outcome of the race and in case of a party mode challenge, to go to the next round. At the end of all the rounds, or of the single round in the dance single mode, you can repeat the whole challenge by pressing the Y button of the controller.

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