The Walking Dead: Season Two, a five-part game series that continues the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse.

Left to fend for herself, she has been forced to learn how to survive in a world gone mad.

Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is searching for safety.

But what can an ordinary child do to stay alive when the living can be just as bad – and sometimes worse – than the dead?

As Clementine, you will be tested by situations and dilemmas that will test your morals and your instinct for survival.

Your decisions and actions will change the story around you.

Move character:
Move camera/reticle:
Action/Dialog buttons:
Fast walk:
Pause game:

To move Clementine around the environment, move the .

To interact with objects or people within the environment, move the reticle using the .

To walk faster, hold while pressing on the .

Objects or characters that can be interacted with will have a selection node, represented by a on or near them.

To select a , move your reticle over it and press the appropriate button as prompted on-screen.

The Walking Dead includes action scenes that require time-sensitive input to allow progression or survival.

When indicated on-screen, press , , , or .

A pulsing button indicates actions that require a button to be rapidly pressed.

You will sometimes be prompted to dodge by pressing the indicated direction on the .

You will occasionally be prompted to pick between directions or between people; choose left or right on the .

Conversation with non-player characters is a huge part of The Walking Dead.

What you choose to say—or NOT say—could have a dramatic effect on your story.

Many choices are timed (represented by a shrinking horizontal bar across the screen), so you’ll have to think fast and live with the consequences!

You may choose one of up to four options presented on-screen. Press the button associated with your choice.

Note: Silence is a valid option, represented on-screen by an ellipsis […].

PLAY: Start the game from the beginning of a given episode or pick up from where you left off.

ACHIEVEMENTS: View unlocked achievements.


SAVE FILES: Select or delete one of four save files.


HELP: View help.

SELECT PROFILE: Change profile.

RESUME GAME: Resume the game at the point you left off.


MAIN MENU: Exit out of gameplay and return to the Main Menu (all progress past your last auto-save will be lost).

You can move between each episode of The Walking Dead using and .

You can start from the beginning or “rewind” to previously completed checkpoints.

It is recommended that you play through each episode in order to enjoy the best possible experience.

You can also change your current save file from this screen by making the appropriate selection.

NOTE: Starting from a later episode without completing all previous episodes will generate random game decisions for skipped content.

During an episode, checkpoints are reached that you can rewind to at any point – return to the Main Menu, navigate to the desired episode, and choose the “Rewind” option.

These checkpoints are labeled by chapter with a graphical representation of the scene that you will rewind into.

This option allows you to replay part of an episode to change your decision, without having to replay the entire episode.

NOTE: When rewinding, you will be asked to choose a save slot. All progress past a rewind point will be lost. Previous save games will be deleted if you opt to overwrite a save file containing data.

From this menu you can adjust in-game volume, toggle subtitles and other in-game display options.

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