There are some great new features in this game helping to change and redefine what to expect. Why not join an existing Clan or create your own? From here you can play league games with promotions and relegations, invite friends or strangers to join your ranks and grow your Clan. Administer and run a Clan for fun or to reach the summit of the leaderboards.

Take part in a single player story, gone are the Deathmatch heavy missions of previous single player campaigns and in are the platform, puzzle and action orientated story missions! Follow the narrative and expand your arsenal as you progress. Use new ‘Contraptions’ as moving platforms, doors and much more.

Differences between worm classes are now even more pronounced making every worm on your team a vital part of your overall strategy. Combine this with much more dynamic water than previously seen and a plethora of new items such as the Aqua Pack, Winged Monkey and Mega Mortar, joining the already bursting array from previous games, and you have the ingredients for a battle royal!

With striking looking landscapes that are larger in size, a full day and night simulation, and five new themes, this is an exciting new game for everyone!

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Join Ms. Tara Pinkle and the rest of the worms on an action packed adventure to thwart Lord Crowley-Mesmer and his dastardly plans! Puzzle, platform and battle through 25 missions spread across 5 themes. Learn the basics as you travel around the Museum’s exhibits. Completing missions opens up more missions, until eventually you save the day!

Use the Museum tour map to choose which mission you want to play. Completing missions not only unlocks more missions, but also extra customisation items for your team to wear and use in local and online games.

Want a challenge of a different kind? Then try this mode out! Compete in a total of 10 different and unique missions that teach you the finer points of many aspects of the game. Complete each one as fast as possible to earn both a higher rating and a faster time on the leaderboards.

Completing Worm Ops also unlocks more Worm Op missions as well as extra customisation items for use on your teams. Earn star ratings on them and improve your times to reach the top of the leaderboards and be the king of the battlefield.

Struggling to beat a mission then look at videos of other completing them from the leaderboard, you can also upload your own video if you’re good enough.

Beat up your friends, computer controlled opponents or both in a local game. You can select the game mode (Death Match or Forts), the game style and other factors such as turn and round time.

Once you are happy with the settings, you can proceed to the Random Landscape Generator screen where you can generate a random landscape or load a saved landscape to battle on. For more information on these Generators, please refer to their respective sections in ‘How to Play.’

If you’re itching to play a game against others from around the world, Quick Match is the quickest way into an online game and requires no setup. After choosing your team and a game mode (Death Match or Forts) you can begin your search for a game. All the other settings will be automatic.

You will be matched up against and placed in the first available unranked game that will have no outcome on leaderboard positions. If a match cannot be found, you will have the option to create your own lobby for others to join.

In ranked games, you will be matched with similarly skilled players in a 2-to-4 player game. You may choose your team, a game mode (Death Match or Forts), and some simple search parameters but the game scheme cannot be changed.

The outcome of these matches will affect your position on the leaderboards!

Player games allow you to select the same settings as ranked games but you can also select settings and the number of rounds that must be won before the match is won.

The outcome of these matches will not affect your leaderboard positions.

Everything Clan related can be accessed from the Battlegrounds section, aren’t you lucky? It is from there that players can form their own Clan or join others people's Clans. Why not get together with a group of friends, create your own Clan and take on the world?

Entering this section leaves you free to explore, as well as guiding you through either creating your own Clan or joining someone else’s; no need to worry we’ll take you through it step by step!

Clans can compete in Leagues gaining points and promotions. Play friendly matches and work together to complete ‘Community Awards’; all of which contributes to the success and grandeur of the Clan, allowing the Clan to become bigger and more famous!

The ‘Clan Hub’ is the place to go for all your general Clan options, here you can look who is in your clan and see their profile with the Clan Roster. Everyone likes statistics... right? Good, as you have access to your personal Clan stats and those of your Clan overall; track progress towards ‘Community Awards’ or see who’s the best player in your Clan.

Why not check out the league or Clan Leaderboards, be connected to every aspect of your Clan, for example: are you about to be promoted or relegated? Are you the number one Clan? Here’s the place to see! It’s from here that you can access your administration options. For more information on that read the next section (unless your head is spinning from information overload!)

From the mightiest leader to the lowest minion; history has shown that order is the key to success! To ensure order you need Administration! Depending upon what rank you are you will have access to different Administration options.

Here you can Block Messages reaching you from other players outside your Clan, Invite friends or other players to join your Clan, and set your Clan to be private (so players must apply to join) or public (allowing everyone access to your join your Clan). It’s possible to promote Clan members that deserve it, or demote those that have let the Clan down. If it all gets too much it’s here you go if you want to leave.

Not all these options are available to every member, but every member has a role to play for their Clan, so do your duty soldier!

You can customise your team with a multitude of accessories and really set them apart from the rest. Hats, glasses, toys and more can be added to your worms. Other customisation items include a gravestone for when your worms die and also a funky dance for when you are victorious.

The sheer number of worm accessories means that you can create many characters, from Marines to Gangsters to Martians! Add the correct speech bank and give it that finishing touch.

To get the most out of customising your worms, spend time experimenting and see what you can make. If you like what you have and don’t want to change it but feel like having another team, or even if a friend or family member wants their own team, you can also simply create a new team and customise that in a totally different way.

Don’t worry too much about what worm classes your teams are comprised of, because screens that have worm class icons allows you to change the classes you’ll be using by simply clicking them. Watch out for these icons in lobbies and on the Worm Ops screens, set your team up quickly and easily!

Game schemes affect the way the game plays by defining various rules and restrictions. Factors such as turn time and the weapons allowed play a big part in game schemes, as does the amount of landscape hazards.

There are many pre-set game schemes for you to get started with, but you may wish to create your own. You can do this by going to the Customisation part of the menu and selecting ‘Create Game Scheme.’ Here, you can edit many options and tailor your perfect game to use in local and unranked multiplayer games.

The Landscape Editor allows you to design your very own 3D landscape for use in multiplayer games. You can construct your landscape using a frontal 2D view and look at it in a 3D view. Use a set of ‘brushes’ to add and remove geometry in conjunction with many other tools such as line and stamp tools as well as a selection of other elements that are easy to find and use in the editor.

Once you are happy with how your base landscape looks, you can add game-play objects like Mines, Sentry Guns and other gameplay elements and once happy save your landscapes for later use.