DAD BEAT DADS is a local multiplayer battler, packed with platform jumping, daddy punching, and simulated baby throwing. Fight it out for Father Supremacy across three different game modes, in multiple themed arenas. Who will emerge as the World's Greatest Dad?

Up to 4 players can take part in this dad on dad mayhem. Play solo, in teams, or against bots.

To play in teams, simply select the same team colour during player setup.

To play against bots, press on during player setup to add or remove bots. Bots can only play solo within a team.

The goal is to capture other babies while protecting your own. Punch other papas to knock their baby off their back, then grab their child and carry him, along with your own baby, back to your door to score a point. Remember, you need both babies to successfully score. If your baby is captured, you lose a point.

During team play, the babies can be carried by separate dads. Both dads just need to be at the door at the same time.
It's a simple game of dodge ball. Pick up the diaper brick and throw it at other dads to knock them out. Once a dad is knocked out, he's eliminated until the next round. The last man standing wins the point. Be careful though, if the round runs too long, additional diaper bricks will drop, increasing the mayhem until someone wins.
It's a game of collecting riches, while fending off other dads and trying to keep up as the world slowly sinks around you. Stop other dads by knocking them off platforms, or punching their coins right out of them. Watch out for various hazards that can get in your way as you make your way up. The dad with the most coins at the end of the round wins.
Move and Aim (for throwing).

Punch and Pickup (when standing behind a baby, powerup, or pickup item).

Jump. Press A again in mid-air to perform one additional air jump.

Throw. Dads can throw anything they're carrying (including babies!) Use the left-stick or directional pad to aim when you throw.


Additional Details

When you are holding two things at once, you won't be able to punch. You must throw away the item you are carrying in front before you can punch again.

Holding the down direction and pressing jump while standing on a one way platform will allow you to drop down. You can also hold the down direction while falling towards a one way platform to drop through the platform without stopping.

Snail - Gloops up all nearby dads on impact, and slows them down for a short period of time.

Speedup Sneakers - Run like the wind for a short period of time.

Lock - Lock up the doors of other dads, preventing them from making any captures.

Shield - Become invulnerable to any punches and thrown items that come your way.

Baby Burger - Makes your baby bigger. Other dads will run slower while carrying your big baby.

Skull - Dropped whenever a dad dies. Pick them up and throw them at other dads. It's fun!

Diaper Brick - Eliminates dads when thrown in Diaper Sniper.

Spring of Second Chaces - Gives you a boost when you fall behind in Corporate Ladder.

Jetpack - It's a jetpack. Press Jump in midair to boost using the jetpack.

Money Magnet - Automatically attracts nearby coins towards you.

Time Bomb - Explodes on impact when thrown, instantly knocking out any dads in the area (including yourself!)

At the end of a match, players may be awarded special titles.

Proud Papa - Captured the most babies.

Over Protector - Never let go of their baby.

Creepy Babysitter - Carried other babies more than your own.

Choke Artist - Lost after having a big lead.

Comeback King - Won after trailing by a big amount.

Baby Thrower - Threw more than 10 babies.

Big Baby Daddy - Made your baby fat more than 3 times.

Keymaster - Triggered door lockout more than 3 times.

Hot Head - Became frenzied by losing three babies without capturing any.

Do It Yourselfer - Eliminated yourself during a round.

Marksman - Never miss a Diaper Brick throw.

Suicide Bomber - Have a bomb explode in your hands 3 times.

Lucky Lady - Saved by the Spring of Second Chances 3 times.

Wunderkind - Did not die while climbing the Corporate Ladder.

Trapper Keeper - Set off the most traps.

Bank of Dad - Dropped the most coins.

Punching Bag - Was punched the most.

Deadbeat - Smash 'N Grab loser.

Pink Slip'd - Corporate Ladder loser.

DAD BEAT DADS is created by

Bernie Wong
Corey McDaniel
Jeffrey Yim
Ted Wilson

Sound Design by
Adrian Talens

Music by
Sam English

Find us online at