Fight your way through the arcology to stop the Overseer.

You have unlimited lives. For every run you get to choose from three randomized characters, called Assets. There are different asset classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Your health is drawn as a circle around your character. Your current weapon and ammo count is shown on the bottom left. To the right is your current ability and energy bar. Each ball in the energy bar represents one use of the ability. Energy can be obtained from enemies and loot boxes.

In the hub area you can upgrade your characters' stats permanently, choose unlocks to buy for your next run and collect rewards for completing achievements. Later on you can use the Hacks terminal to come back for lower difficulty levels.

On your journey you'll find weapon upgrades, new weapons and enhancements. Opening weapon crates and activating weapon upgrade stations increases your weapon loot level. Enhancements are installed in sarcophagus-like CyberHance Express stations.

Buttons Description:
Aim / Melee (press)
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