MotoGP15™ launches you into the fantastic world of the MotoGP™ world championship. Race in the 3 categories, Moto2™, Moto3™ and MotoGP™, challenge the great champions like Marquez, Rossi, and Lorenzo, and relive legendary challenges of the 1990s and 2000s.
Compete on all the official circuits, riding the most powerful race bikes, to become World Champion.

Getting started:

At the beginning of the game you can create your virtual alter-ego to set out on your adventures in the world of MotoGP15™.
If this is your first experience of the game, we advise you to play through the Tutorial to learn the basics, and to discover the main features of the game.

Try the Special Events for a quick game experience, or throw yourself straight into the Career and set out on the path to becoming world champion, battling through season after season.
If you'd rather become the best rider on the net, go online and challenge players from all over the world!

MotoGP™ Career
Career mode follows the trajectory of a rider from their debut in the world of the MotoGP™.
You'll start by participating in two races as a wild card for a low-level team before signing a contract with a new team for the following season.
You can also use your own private team, and make deals with increasingly distinguished sponsors. By gaining popularity and satisfying their demands, you'll be able to improve your bikes and your equipment.

You'll gain GP Credits for every race you finish. You'll need these to purchase new bikes for your rider!

Instant Action
In Instant Action mode, the game randomly selects a track and a rider, letting you get straight to the race. If you aren't happy with the resulting options, you can still modify them to your liking.

Grand Prix
You're free to choose the bike, the track, and the race options you prefer, to compete in a race against A.I. controlled riders.

Time Attack
Choose a bike and a track, and put your performance to the test in a race against the clock. There are no rivals on the track: your objective is to get the best time possible to upload to the online leaderboards and show the world your results.

In this mode you compete in a series of races that reflect the official season, racing in the motorcycle category you prefer. At the end of each race you receive points based on your results. You win if you have earned more points than your rivals.


Beat the Time
In this mode you have to choose a track and attempt to beat the record time riding a specific bike.
Playing in this mode, you'll come across factory, Open, and 2-stroke bikes from the world of the MotoGP™.

Real Events 2014 / 2-Stroke Events
The Real Events and the 2-Stroke Events present scenarios recreating important episodes in MotoGP™ history. Choose the event that you're interested in and relive the experience firsthand. Each event has its own victory conditions to meet: meet the conditions to unlock new events of increasing difficulty.


Split Screen
Challenge a friend on the same console in split screen mode.

Online Grand Prix
Up to 12 players compete on a track, and try to be the first to cross the finish line.

Sprint Season
The Sprint Season takes place over 3 sections that correspond to the 3 categories. Your objective is to reach the MotoGP™ category and win the championship.
To do this you have to earn a set number of points by racing in each category.

Online Championship
Players challenge each other on different tracks for a set number of consecutive races, and collect points based on the positions they reach in the individual events. At the end of all the races the player with the most points wins the championship.

Split Times
Each track is divided into 8 sectors, and you are free to race around the track. Whoever gets the best time on the most sectors when the time runs out is the winner.
Pay attention to the sector objective indicator, and try to beat the time to conquer that section.
Default configuration:

Rear Brake
Gear Up
Gear Down
Front Brake/Reverse
Weight Forward
Weight Backward
Steer Left
Steer Right
View Down
View Left
View Right
View Back
Increase TCS
Decrease TCS
Change Camera
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