Ride 2 is a bike game designed for people who love bikes. The best manufacturers, most beautiful bikes and street prototypes, exciting full-gas racing, a trip around the world on unique tracks (circuits, country and city tracks, supermoto): all this is Ride 2.

To start:

Create your virtual alter-ego and choose a free bike to take your first steps in the Ride 2 world. If you’re playing for the first time, we recommend you go through the Tutorial to learn the basics and the main features of the game.
Ride 2 gives you total freedom to choose events. Choose the most suitable for you and get ready to hit the track!

Some game modes require teammates. You can choose one of the game characters (unlockable using Bonus Coins), or download your friends’ (who own a copy of Ride 2) avatars.
Remember that your friends’ avatar will reflect their riding style, bike and dress sense.

Rider Customization:

Ride 2 offers hundreds of different garments to allow you to customise your rider. You can even change riding style! You can access customising from "My Rider".

Bike Customisation:

You can make your bike unique by customising it with the hundreds of different modifications included in Ride 2. These can be solely aesthetic, such as liveries or handgrips, or improve your vehicle’s performance, for example with chains, air vents and race modifications.
If that's not enough, before every race, you can get to grips with advanced settings via "Bike Settings", customising your riding experience down to the finest detail.

World Tour:
The World Tour is Ride 2’s beating heart and is split into Race Season, Invitational Events, Championships and Team vs Team.

The Race Seasons are made up of events which will enable you to earn Reputation to climb the World Tour leaderboards. The events are the following:
  • Single Race: race an individual race and do your best to reach the podium.
  • Time Attack: Time Attack races put your speed to the test on a specific track. You will have three laps available to you and the prize will depend on which time you manage to beat.
  • Perfect Trajectory: in Perfect Trajectory you have to perform a lap of the track without veering off the line shown by the cones..
  • Drag Race: Drag Races are a series of acceleration challenges on straights of variable length. Remember that shorter distances require greater acceleration from standing, while on longer straights a greater top speed is preferable.
  • Track Day: a fans’ favourite is to spend the weekend riding their bikes on the track. On track days you will get on the track with other riders and have to overtake the greatest number of them within the set time.
  • Head-to-Head: sometimes competition between riders is impossible to resist. In these races you will change another rider during a track day event.
  • Pairs Races: Pairs Races are competitions where the final result depends on the placing of the two riders belonging to the same team. That is why it is important to choose your teammate carefully.
  • Endurance: Endurance races are the greatest expression of physical effort combined with riding technique. Here, riders and vehicles’ endurance is taken to extremes in races which are much longer than average. Furthermore, the typical standing start adds even more intrigue to these competitions.
  • Point to point race: Compete in a sector of the Nürburgring Nordschleife and do your best to reach the podium.

At the end of a Race Season, you will have to participate in an Invitational Event. Invitational events are special events that, in the case of victory, will bring you a new bike.
You can unlock the Championships by participating in Race Seasons. This mode is formed of a series of Individual Races. Have a chance to win a new bike by participating in the Championships.
In the Team vs Team mode, you must build your group of riders and climb the Team Leaderboard.
Quick Mode:

Quick Race:
You're free to choose the bike and the track you prefer to race a quick race against 16 opponents.

Time Trial:
Choose a bike and a track and put yourself to the test in a race against the clock. There are no opponents on track: your goal is to get the best time possible to upload it on the online leaderboards and show the world your results.

Daily Challenges:
Every day you can put yourself to the test by trying to reach three race objectives. Each objective has a matching difficulty (Easy, Medium, Difficult).
Weekly Challenges:
The Weekly Challenge is a time event where you have to beat the record on a determined track with a default bike. You can compare your results with players from all around the world by uploading your time to the leaderboard.
Both Challenges will earn you Bonus Coins if completed with success. Use the Bonus Coins to unlock Bonus Rides and AI riders to enlist in your team.


Split Screen:
Two players go head-to-head on the same console in the split screen mode.

Single Race:
Up to 12 human players can gather on the track and compete to cross the finish line first.

The players compete on their favourite tracks for a certain number of consecutive races and collect points according to their placings in single events. At the end of all the races, the player with the most points wins.
Default Configuration:

Rear brake
Gear up
Gear down
Front brake/Reverse
Weight forward
Weight backward
Steer left
Steer right
Look left
Look right
Look down
Look up
Look behind
Increase TCS
Decrease TCS
Change visual
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