To start playing, insert Rabbids Invasion The Interactive TV Show on your Xbox One console slot.
Welcome to the chaotic world of the Rabbids! Enter the television series episodes and play. Check out how crazy they are!

Basic instructions

• Check that you have enough space around you to play safely in front of the television.
• Be aware of your surroundings so you can avoid hitting any nearby objects or people by accident.
• Do the movements shown in the tutorial before each game.
The aim of the game is to score more points than your friends by doing the crazy things Rabbids do in the episodes of their TV series.

The Kinect sensor will register your body movements. The closer they are to the ones shown in the tutorial, the more chance you have of winning. As you’re in the world of the Rabbids everything will be fast, so be ready!

Navigating the menus

Use your console gamepad to select different game options. Using the D-pad and the buttons that appear on screen, you can access all sections of the game.

Rabbids world

In the main menu you can see all the different television series episodes organized into zones. Within each zone you can choose to play the episodes or the mini-games from each episode, or take some photos with the Rabbids.

Play with Kinect

All games are played with the Kinect sensor. Sometimes you’ll move a cursor with your hand to perform different actions such as drawing or controlling the Rabbids. On other occasions, you’ll have to point at the screen, strike a pose as fast as possible or repeat a movement several times in a row.

Scoring system

Each episode is comprised of several activities and games. On some of them you have to be the fastest in order to earn points, while on others you’ll need to outperform your friends. The activities - Object Hunt and Flash Moves Rush - only award points to the winner. Games allow all players to score points. The best performer wins the game. At the end of the episode, the player with the most points from activities and games will be declared the episode champion.

Unlocking content

At the end of each episode, all points scored by the players are added together to make new episodes and games available. Look for the exclamation mark icon on the main menu to access them. Also, you’ll win objects you can use when taking photos of the Rabbids. Keep reading to know how!

Take photos with the Rabbids!

In each zone you’ll find the Rabbids Photo Booth. This feature allows you to take a photo surrounded by Rabbids and the objects that appear in the episodes. Watch out though - you never know what a Rabbid is capable of doing in front of a camera!
You can access the Rabbids shop from the main menu.

Free episode!
Once in the shop, you’ll see that there is an episode available for free. Download it to keep playing in Rabbids world.

Episodes packs
In the shop you can buy packs of three episodes that will appear regularly.
Register on Uplay and get exclusive content and rewards from Ubisoft. It’s free and takes less than a minute. Unlock new content to use in Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show.

Create an account
If you don’t have a Uplay account, you’ll be asked to create one the first time you start Rabbids Invasion The Interactive TV Show. For this, you’ll need to provide an e-mail address and user name. We can use your profile information from Xbox Live for this if you wish. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail to set or recover your password.

Link an existing account
If you already have a Uplay account, you can connect the first time you start Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show. You’ll be asked to enter the e-mail address and password linked with your Uplay account.

Managing a Uplay account
You can go to the Uplay webpage at any time to manage your account.
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