1.1 The French Revolution

France at the end of the 18th century - the country is on the brink of the Revolution, with the King trying to hold on to his throne. Arno, a young boy living in Versailles, is unaware of the brewing storm as he goes with his father on an errand in Versailles...

2.1 Basic Controls

: Main Menu
: Map Menu
: Move
: Camera
: Re-center Camera
Hold : Hide or Display HUD

2.2 Ground Controls

: Take Cover
: Interact / Sheathe
Hold : Loot
: Assassinate/ Melee Attack
: Eagle Vision
: Center Camera
: Crouch
: Sprint / Free-run
: Quick Shot
Hold : Free Aim
: Use Tool
Hold : Throw Tool / Bomb
: Use Medicine
: Select Tool
: Use Skill

2.3 Freerunning Controls

: Sprint / Free-Run
: Jump
Hold + : Free-Run Up
Hold + : Free-Run Down

2.4 Combat Controls

: Dodge
Hold : Staggering Strike (Requires Skill)
: Parry
: Attack
Hold : Strong Attack (Requires Skill)
: Quick Shot
: Exit Fight
: Use Tool

2.5 Free Aiming Controls

Hold : Free Aim
: Shoot
: Mark Target
Hold : Remove Marks
: Give "Go!" Message
Hold : Countdown Message

3.1 Basic Actions

3.1.1 Movement

Move with . The farther you push , the faster you move.

3.1.2 Sprinting

Hold while moving to sprint. Sprinting can attract the attention of guards and other enemies.

3.1.3 Contextual Interaction

Press while near an interactive object to interact with it.

3.1.4 Look

Use to look around the environment.

3.1.5 Eagle Vision

Press to trigger an Eagle Vision pulse. Eagle Vision allows you to see through walls and highlights important features of the environment.

- Red: Enemies
- Blue: Guards
- Green: Allies
- White: Hiding Spots / Mission Givers / Interactive Objects / Secret Objects
- Gold: Mission Targets

3.1.6 Weapon and Tool Selection

Use to open the Quick Selection Menu and equip your weapons and tools.

3.1.7 Skip Cinematic

Hold to skip the current cinematic scene.

3.2 Stealth

3.2.1 Low Profile vs. High Profile

Hold to switch from Low Profile to High Profile mode. While you're in Low Profile mode, your actions and movements are slower, but less likely to attract notice. High Profile actions are faster and flashier, but may alarm civilians or be interpreted as hostile.

3.2.2 Crouch stance

Hold to crouch while in Low Profile mode. While crouching, you're harder to detect. Press to take cover behind an object while crouching.

3.2.3 Detection

If an enemy spots you in a restricted area, a yellow eye icon will appear to indicate that you've been spotted. If you don't get out of sight before the icon fills with red, you'll be attacked.

If you break line of sight before that happens, you'll see a shadowy figure appear at the last place the enemy saw you. Enemies will come to investigate your last known position, so make sure to hide before you're spotted again.

3.2.4 Policing / Harassment

Outside of restricted areas, if a guard sees you engaging in criminal activities (including carrying a weapon in your hand), he will warn you to stop. If you don't listen, he'll attack you.

Extremists in the streets may also try to pick fights with you by insulting you. If you stay near them for too long, they will attack you.

3.3 Freerunning

3.3.1 Freerunning

Hold to sprint. While sprinting, you will free-run over, under, or around many obstacles.
Hold + to free-run up, or to pass over an obstacle in your path.
Hold + to free-run down, or to pass under an obstacle in your path.

3.4 Assassination

3.4.1 Assassination Basics

Press to perform a Low-Profile assassination against a valid target.
Press + to perform a High-Profile assassination against a valid target.

Valid targets for assassination are marked by a red highlight that appears once you're within range.

3.5 Crowd

3.5.1 Dense Crowds

Dense crowds restrict your speed and maneuverability, but also make it harder for enemies to see you or reach you.

Hold to move faster through dense crowds at the risk of drawing attention to yourself.

3.5.2 Crowd Blending

Use to walk near a group of at least four civilians and you will automatically blend in after a short time. If you leave the group, you'll stop blending after a few seconds.

While blending, you're much harder for most enemies to spot.

4.1 Fight Basics

When a fight breaks out, you'll automatically draw your weapon and focus the nearest enemy. All your attacks and other actions will be directed at your current target, who is indicated by a highlight effect.

Use to move or select a new target. You'll automatically target the nearest enemy in the direction you're pressing.
Press to attack the enemy you are facing.
Press to dodge.
Press to use your equipped ranged weapon.
Press to use your equipped tool.
Press to parry an incoming attack.
Hold to exit fight mode.

4.2 Advanced Fight

As you progress through the game, you'll have the ability to unlock new fighting skills. All of these abilities require you to purchase a skill before you can use them.

Hold to perform a strong attack.
Hold to perform a Staggering Strike.
Press at the right moment to execute a Perfect Parry.

4.3 Enemy Types

Different types of enemies have different strengths and weaknesses, and will require different tactics to overcome. If your favorite strategy isn't working out against a particular enemy, try something different.

Soldiers are the basic enemy type. They have no special abilities or weakness.

Brutes are tough, strong enemies with a powerful melee attack that can't be parried. When you see one winding up, dodge.

Watchers are fast but frail enemies who prefer ranged weapons and are better at detecting you.

Seekers are quick, versatile enemies who use bombs and whose attacks cannot be Perfectly Parried. They can also break up groups of civilians, destroying your ability to Crowd Blend.

Defenders are slow, tough enemies who require a sustained series of focused attacks to wear down. They're most dangerous in a group, as they can absorb a great deal of punishments while their friends dish out damage.

Officers are the elite. They combine the abilities of all the other enemy types. They're best avoided.

5.1 Sync Points

By completing Single Player missions, or by collecting Sync Point Collectibles in Co-op missions, you will earn Sync Points (). These points can be used to acquire new skills.

5.2 Purchasing Skills

To purchase a skill, open the Customization Menu and select the Skills Menu. Each Skill includes a short tutorial video to help you decide what to purchase.

5.3 Weapons

You can carry one melee weapon and one pistol. Melee weapons come in the following categories:

- One-Handed Weapons
- Long Weapons
- Heavy Weapons

Each has different benefits and drawbacks--experiment with a variety of weapons to find the one that suits your play style.

In lieu of a pistol and a melee weapon, you can carry a single rifle, which serves as a heavy weapon.

5.4 Equipment

In addition to weapons, you can purchase equipment from shops throughout Paris. Equipment changes your appearance and can provide additional benefits. Equipment comes in the following categories:

- Head
- Chest
- Forearms
- Waist
- Legs

You can switch out your equipment at any time, using the Customization Menu.

5.5 Consumables

Some Tools, including various bombs, darts, and medicine, have limited uses. To restock your supply, visit a shop and select the Consumables category.

6.1 Health Bar

(1) The Health Bar shows you how much Health you have left. If you lose all your Health, you will die and have to restart from your last checkpoint. You can restore lost health with medicine, which can be purchased at any shop in Paris.

6.2 Mini-Map

(2) The mini-map displays information on your immediate surroundings, including guard positions, zones and objectives. To reveal additional details reach a viewpoint and synchronize.

6.3 Awareness Meter

(3) The Awareness Meter warns you if you're at risk of being detected. If the meter shows the Assassin symbol, it means that no enemies have line of sight on you at the moment. If it instead shows an eye, it means that an enemy can see you.

If the icon turns yellow, it means an enemy is suspicious of you and may attack if you don't hide or stop your suspicious activity. If it turns red, it means the enemy is hostile and actively trying to attack you. You'll have to become anonymous to end the fight.

6.4 Friend Widget

(4) When playing with friends, you can see their names and status on the left side of the screen. The friend widget will warn you if one of your team mates is taking damage or needs healing.

6.5 Weapon & Skill

(5) These icons indicate which melee and ranged weapon you currently have equipped. The ranged weapon indicator also shows you how much ammunition you have remaining.

The skill indicator shows you which Co-op skill you currently have equipped and the time left before you can use it again.

6.6 Puppeteer

(6) The Puppeteer shows the action currently assigned to each controller button. These actions change depending on context: whether you're fighting, climbing, swimming, or running, the Puppeteer shows you what each button will do.

7.1 Accessing the Map

Press to access the map. Note that if you're currently in Co-op play, opening the map does not pause the game.

7.2 Navigating the Map

Use to pan around the map.
Use to tilt the map.
Pan over icons for more information about what they represent.
Press to set a custom map marker.
Press to open the map legend.

8.1 Main Menu

Press to access the Main Menu.

Use to navigate menu options. Depending on the currently-selected item, you'll see different options and information in the panel on the right.

Note that if you're currently playing in Co-op mode, accessing the Main menu does not pause the game.

8.2 Progress Tracker

The Progress Tracker shows you all the missions you've completed so far and all the missions that are available to you. Selecting a mission in the Progress Tracker displays the details of that mission. You can also start any mission directly from the Progress Tracker.

8.3 Customization

The Customization Menu allows you to choose your equipment and weapons, and purchase new Skills.

8.4 Play Together

The Play Together menu allows you to connect with your friends and send them in-game invites. It also allows you to create a matchmaking request, either for a specific mission or a random one.

8.5 Brotherhood

The Brotherhood Menu is where the status of your brotherhood members is displayed. It allows you to stay connected with them, and displays any community based mission you need to fulfill.

8.6 Database

The Database contains historical background and useful information on the people, places, and things you'll encounter in the simulation.

8.7 EStore

In the EStore, you can purchase Helix Credits, which can be redeemed in-game for new weapons, equipment, and boosts. You can also redeem promotional codes and purchase any future content for the game.

9.1 Connectivity

9.1.1 Uplay Link

If you link your game with your Uplay account, you can receive exclusive rewards and access to additional content. You can create your Uplay account online, or by using the Uplay link in Unity’s main menu.

9.1.2 Initiates Link

Your Initiate profile lets you gain access to exclusive rewards such as Legacy Outfits and Artifacts, and gives you new daily tasks to complete in your Assassin's Creed® games. To create your Initiate profile, select the INITIATES link from the Assassin's Creed® Unity’s Main menu or visit acinitiates.com.

9.2 Shared Experience

9.2.1 Co-op Missions

Certain missions in Revolutionary Paris are too dangerous for any one Assassin to take on alone. Up to three of your friends can join you to complete these missions and, if you're successful, you will all be rewarded. If you try to start a Co-op mission by yourself, Unity will automatically try to match you with other players.

Co-op missions can be found throughout Paris or accessed from your Progress Tracker.

9.2.2 Exploring Paris With Friends

You can invite other players into your version of Paris through the invite system found in the Play Together menu, found in the Main Menu. You can freely explore the city, search for collectibles and other rewards, and play Co-op missions with your friends.

9.2.3 Heists

Heists are special missions that challenge your stealth skills. These missions can only be played with three other players. The goal is simple: steal the chest hidden in the heist’s zone, without being detected. Your reward will decrease each time you're spotted.

10.1 Contact Information

Contact us on the Web: http://www.assassinscreed.com/help

From the web site, select the Assistance option to enter the Ubisoft Solution Center.

10.2 Uplay Account

A Uplay Account is required to access the full single-player connected experience and the multiplayer game modes. You can link your Xbox Live account to a new or existing Uplay account by selecting the Uplay option in the Title Screen or the Main Menu. To unlink your Xbox Live account from a Uplay account, please go to account.uplay.com