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When starting Pier Solar for the very first time, you will see the title screen. Press START or wait until the game credits appear. The rolling menu will present you with five options that can be selected by pressing LEFT/RIGHT, then Menu. New Game is used to overwrite an existing save slot and start a new game. You will enter a save slot name using the D-PAD. Continue is used to resume an already saved game. Each save slot shows the current team composition, the place of last save, the total play time. Options is used to manage save slots (copy slot to slot or erase slot) and switch language choices. Goodies lists all content the player has unlocked while progressing in the game (based on the latest save). Help & Support option displays this Help manual.

During the game, anytime you press Menu (except when on the world map) the in-game menu appears, with six options.

Spell opens the list of available spells for walking sections, such as Heal, or Special Features (more info on next page).

Notebook lets one member of the party give you a hint as to what you are looking for.

Inventory is used to show your team statistics and item inventory (more info on next page).

Load lets you load the latest saved position of the current save slot.

Save - There are two save options. There is an auto-save that can be turned on. Or there are save points throughout the game, including before fighting bosses. To turn on auto-save, press the RB/RT (Shoulder button on the right), and choose the Enable Auto-Save option.

Radar lets you locate the chests in your area. To turn on the radar, press the RB/RT (Shoulder button on the right), and choose the option Radar.

Map lets you view the current area that you have covered and also the overall map of the area. To turn on the map, press the RB/RT (Shoulder button on the right), and choose the Map option.

Warp lets you go back to the entry point of the area you are currently in certain locations. To use Warp, press the RB/RT (Shoulder button on the right), and choose the option Warp.

Options lets you adjust game settings, including character Auto-Run (ON/OFF), Path-Finder to allow the team leader to walk around obstacles automatically, and more conventional settings such as BGM Volume, PCM Drums (ON/OFF), track-list preferences, language and the interface colour theme.

Exit returns you to the game title screen.
In Pier Solar, the core gameplay is very simple. You guide a team of one or more characters through the game world, manipulating its elements - Water, Fire, Soil and Wind. You will also encounter towns inhabited with other characters that have their own backgrounds and motivations. Here are some hints to get you started:

Walk in any direction using your D-PAD. Press Back button while using yoru D-PAD will make the characters walk faster. Be curious, explore the world around you. If your way is blocked, perhaps destiny has other plans for you.

Communicate with people by pressing the A button. Any language, any civilisation, any race - they may need your help or could help you when you are in trouble. Learn, increase your skills and level by training and defeating all the enemies you may encounter. Books or people can impart knowledge and experience too.

Use everything you have available to solve puzzles, go where you want or get what you want, be it special items or new in-game spells.

Press Menu at anytime to open the in-game menu and select Inventory. Initially, it will show the Character Statistics panel. Press LEFT/RIGHT to view statistics of the previous or next character of your party. Press Select to expand to the next sub-section, the Item Statistics panel.

The game uses various abbreviations for statistics. First are the Status statistics. HP (Health Points) - reaching 0 means death. If everybody in your party dies, the game is over. MP (Magic Points) - the higher the level, the more spells that can be cast.

Then comes the Skill statistics. LEV (Level) indicates the overall skill of the character. A higher Level increases your HP and MP gauges, gives better attacks and expands your spell choices. EXP (Experience Points) is earned each time you defeat enemies. Get enough EXP and your level will increase.

And finally are the Efficiency statistics. PP (Power Points) improves your attack strength. DP (Defence Points) measures how much resistance you have to enemy attacks. AP (Agility Points) determines your speed in battle and how likely you are to dodge attacks. LP (Luck Points) might allow your hopeless attacks to succeed. MA (Magic Attack) affects spell strength and MD (Magic Defence) gauges your defence against magic attacks.

Efficiency statistics are calculated from the equipment your characters are using. Each character can equip three items - one weapon, one armour and one accessory. Many items are exclusively used or equipped by one or a few characters. Use the D-PAD to select an item and check its effect on your team.

Battles in Pier Solar are generated by fate. When a fight occurs, you appear on a side-view ring with enemies on the left of the screen and your party on the right. Your basic status panel is displayed on the bottom of the screen. While the controls are purely turn based, using the rolling menu, the order of the actions is not. In fact, it is the fastest character or enemy that attacks first, AP determined.

In case of an ambush, the enemies have priority on the first round. Conversely, your party will have priority during a pre-emptive strike, «Advantage!». The battle ends with a victory when all enemies have been defeated or run away. The battle aborts when all your party characters run away. Finally, the battle ends in a defeat when all of your characters are dead. At end of a victorious battle, each character receives EXP points in relation to their number of successful attacks and the number of killed enemies.

The key feature of Pier Solar’s battle system is the ability for characters to Gather their energy between the rounds. Gathering fills a character’s Gather Bar and exponentially increases the power of further attacks and magic.

Some attacks and spells are available only when a sufficient Gathering level is reached. You can even share Gather energy amongst the party to significantly increase the power of a character. However, any damage dealt to the Gathering character may affect the Gather Bar.
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Heals a small amount of HP.
Heals an average amount of HP.
Revives and heals 50% of HP.
Heals a small amount of MP.
Mana Potion
Heals an average amount of MP.
Caffeine Pill
Wakes up a character from sleep.
Pepper Powder
Wakes up a character from death.
Cures Poison
Aloe Vera
Cures both sleep and poison.
Protects from being poisoned.
Green Chili
Gives a gather.
Red Chili
Gives gathers.
Gives a lot of gathers.
50% less damage from earth attacks.
Dragon Tooth
50% less damage from fire attacks.
50% less damage from water attacks.
Small Weight
50% less damage from wind attacks.