Step in front of Kinect to play. A good playing distance is 1.7-2.5m (5.5-8ft).

Make sure you have enough empty space around you to move around and kick sideways.

Your entire body should be visible in Kinect's view. You should be able to reach up without your hand going out of view.

Another player may take control by standing in front of Kinect. To change to a different profile, return to the menu and select your gamertag.

Using Menus

Raise your hand to use menus.

To select a button, hold the cursor over it for a second.

Grab and drag to scroll the level list, or use the arrow buttons near the top of the screen.

You can also use the gamepad to navigate menus.

Voice Commands

Voice Commands in the Menu
  • “Xbox, go back!” - goes back to the previous menu.

Voice Commands in Game
  • “Xbox, pause!” - pauses the game.
  • “Xbox, show menu!” - pauses the game.
  • “Xbox, play!” - resumes game after pausing.
  • “Xbox, go back!” - resumes game after pausing.

Kung-Fu for Kinect is a physically active game.
- Stretch before and after playing.
- Take a break if you're getting tired.
- Know your limits and respect your body.

To pause the game, do any of the following:
- Press .
- Say "Xbox, pause!”.
- Step out of Kinect view.

Punch and kick to move.

Do a Power Punch with both hands to move even further.

Use somersaults to jump to platforms or escape from danger.

Smash obelisks for bonus pickups.

Restores some health.

Increases damage for the next 10 hits.

Increases your size.

Gives you arrows for the Magic Bow.

Use Ground Shaker to push enemies away.

Zap enemies with Lightning. Keep holding the pose for as long as you want to shoot.

Use Time Stop to slow enemies and deliver rapid hits. Hold the pose for a moment to activate Time Stop.

Magic Bow

  1. Extend both hands.
  2. Start pulling the arrow back with one hand.
  3. Tilt to aim.
  4. Pull back far enough to fire.

  5. When you're in an updraft, spread your arms to fly. Lean left or right to fly sideways.

You can use the Game DVR feature of the Upload app to capture gameplay video clips and share them. Record your ultimate survival accomplishment, stage your own finishing moves in One-Shot Mode (found under Challenges), or record yourself dressed up in kung-fu attire!

See Xbox One Help on how to use Game DVR. You can even use voice commands to start and stop recording! For example, say "Xbox, record that!" at any time to capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay.