Buttons Description:
Shoot / Steal / Use Fizz
Not Used
Release Fizz
Release Fizz
Shoot / Steal / Use Fizz
Shoot / Steal / Use Fizz
Build Fizz (with waggling)
Not Used
Pause (Local Only)
Xbox Home Menu

Q: How do I get the ball?
Just touch it. If someone else has the ball and you want it, use Steal to knock it out of their hands.

Q: How do I aim my shot?
Use the left analog stick to adjust your aim. A small white box shows you where the ball will go.

Q: How do I rocket around?
Waggle the right analog stick back and forth really fast to condense and build up Fizz. Press the right trigger to use that Fizz or the right bumper to release it.

Q: But where does that pressure come from?
It's just a game, you should really just relax.
No Controller? You can still play! Use Twitter or Twitch to throw a HASH BOMB!
1. Look for the unique 4-digit Active Game Code on the upper left of the game screen.
2. Tweet "@idarbwire [Active Game Code]" along with a secret code to make fun stuff happen.

Tweet "@idarbwire [Active Game Code] you #light up my life" to activate the #light Hash Bomb and turn off the lights!

Here are just some of the secret Hash Bombs. Can you find them all?


They work on Twitch chat, too! In Options, you can set which Twitch channel your game is listening to. Then, just type the Hash Bomb in the chat of that Twitch channel!
Hold Down to fall faster!
Duck and jump to jump down through purple platforms.
Walk the ball into the goal for an easy point.
Shoot from further way to score 2, 3, or 5 points.
Avoid missing the Goal to Win