10,000 years ago an Artificial Intelligence known as Shira was built to protect the residents of Mars.

As time passed the AI became corrupted and Shira started to attack the Mars colonies. With no way to defend itself against “Evil Shira” Mars calls for help. The Earth Defense Force fleet fights its way to Evil Shira and uses powerful lasers to destroy it. However, Evil Shira secretly had a backup that flees into space and takes over an abandoned space station at the outskirts of the solar system.

When the EDF notices the escape they send their bravest fighter after Evil Shira. You are this pilot, and your mission is to destroy Evil Shira before it can complete its new attack force and threaten the existence of the entire universe.
Ghost Blade HD is an intense Bullet-Hell shoot 'em up game, with satisfying and addictive score-based gameplay. Earn Stage Stars to raise your score!

-features an awesome 2-player mode!
-easy to learn, hard to master.
-Proximity Bonus for destroying large enemies up close.
When the game is paused it's presented with a few options that can be modified in mid-game. Please refer to the Game Options section for a description of each option.

The other options are:
Resume Game - Returns to the paused game.
Exit Game - Quits the current game session and returns to the title screen.
These options alter how the game behaves or looks, see below a list of options available in Ghost Blade HD:

Graphic Mode - Changes between YOKO and TATE graphic modes. See Graphic Modes topic for a description of these modes
Wallpaper - Changes wallpaper surrounding the game screen.
HUD Position - Changes the HUD position.
Soft Slow - Causes a intentional slowing down of the game, providing the player a better chance to escape the enemies and bullets when the screen is very crowded.
Explosions Brightness - Changes Explosions from bright to dark.
TECH ORB Pickups - Changes the tech orbs between transparent and opaque, for better item visibility.
Background brightness - Tones down background brightness, to help highlight the enemies and bullets.
Ghost Blade HD features two essential graphic modes: YOKO and TATE. Simply put YOKO mode is the choice for TVs/Monitors in the horizontal position, in which case the game displays a background surrounding the playfield. TATE mode is ideal when the TV/Monitor is mounted vertically, in that mode, the playfield will fill the screen entirely allowing a better arcade experience.

These are the graphic modes available: YOKO - The game orients itself for a horizontal TV. During the game session a background is displayed and the playfield fills the center of the screen.
YOKO 90% - Similar to YOKO mode, but here the playfield assumes the same proportions as the TATE mode, and the playfield has a bit of horizontal scroll as you move your ship to the left or to the right.
TATE - The game orients itself for a vertical TV. During the game session the playfield fills the entire screen.
TATE Inv - Similar to TATE mode, but rotated 180 degrees from TATE mode, for TVs that are mounted on a different rotation that the one used by TATE.
Buttons Description:
These are the default button assignments for Ghost Blade HD:
Focused Shot
Moves the ship

The button assignments can be fully customized in the options menu.
Top Left:
Combo Multiplier
Bomb Stock
Bomb Meter

Bottom Left:
Life Stock
A mode aimed at beginners.

Auto-bomb enabled.
Slower speed for Enemy bullets: 10% slower than Normal Mode. With Auto-Bomb enabled, instead of dying, your space ship will automatically drop a bomb when you get hit.
Getting hit while not having any bombs will still kill you!

The game's standard mode.
Destroy big boss enemies and sneak trough dense bullet patterns while keeping the Combo Meter active.


A mode for experienced players that want a challenge. Be prepared, you will die a lot.

Bullets are 20% faster than Normal mode.
Enemies return suicide fire.

Good luck, you will need it!

Get close to large enemies while destroying them to unleash a large amounts of Stage Stars!

Fight your way through this special score stage!


Replay stages and bosses to practice your skills!
Modify the amount of life and bombs you have!
Earn points by destroying enemies and collecting Stage Star items. The higher your Combo Multiplier, the more you earn. Destroying enemies and crates add to the Combo Multiplier.

- Use Focus shot for tight spots to avoid running into stray bullets
- Try all ships to see which one fits best for your style of play
- For a top scoring run kill as many enemies as possible and avoid dying and using bombs - use FOCUS shot to earn extra bombs and pick them up for a score bonus!

No-bombing gives big impact on score, as does having as high bomb count as possible.
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