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Buttons Description:
Select Item
Light Attack
Heavy Attack
Cycle Item
Cycle Item
Change View
Main Menu
Perform combos by alternating light and heavy attacks.

"Fast Attack - Level 1"

Uppercut enemies to knock them into the air. Jump up and continue the assault to juggle the airborne enemy.

"Uppercut - Level 8"

"Magic Projectile"

Hold down the right trigger to activate magic. Combine this with other buttons to cast a variety of magical spells.

"Magic Jump"

New magical abilities are unlocked by adding skill points to magic. This will also decrase the recharge time.
The Weapon Frog is the central location for all weapons collected. Weapons stored here can be swapped at any time.

Look for new weapons in stores, treasure chests, enemies, and elsewhere.

Standing next to a weapon reveals its weapon bonuses.

Plus 5 Strength

Minus 2 Defense

Chance for Crit Strike

Level Required To Use

Collect gold from enemies, bosses, treasure chests, and elsewhere.

Check everywhere for food, gold, and other itmes.

Spend gold at the various stores. Stores carry a variety of weapons, health potions, animal orbs, and other useful items.

Purchase Item


Health Potion

Animal Orbs provide various bonuses and enhancements. Once found, these helpers float next to the player and automatically provide a bonus.

The Animal Ark houses all of the unlocked Animal Orbs.
Skill Points are awarded for every level gained. Each Skill Point can be allocated to one of four attributes:

- Strength

- Magic

- Defense

- Agility

Skill Points can be allocated at any time from the World Map.

"Attack enemies to gain experience"

"Level up by gaining experience"

Compete in the Arena to gain additional practice.

Play single player against waves of enemies. Play multiplayer against other players in a team death match or in a free for all battle.

In Back Off Barbarian your goal is to avoid the various waves of enemies that appear.

Collect various items that make no sense to gain an additional life.