In FreeDrive, you can drive across the whole USA alone or with other players. Use the Crew Roster by pressing to form a Crew. Complete Challenges together for a bonus or simply explore.


In FreeDrive, when you perform a feat of skillful driving, your Stunt gauge starts to fill. As long as you keep performing stunts and don’t damage your car, the multiplier will increase. The stunts that are scored are: jumping, drifting, destroying scenery, overtaking cars and driving in oncoming traffic. By performing stunts while close to your Crew you will earn a bonus to your multiplier. The more Crew members that are near you, the higher the bonus.


Check which Awards you've earned in your Driver ID.

Awards are sorted into 3 categories: Drive, Explore and Miscellaneous and each type has sub-categories of its own.

When you've earned all the awards in a sub-category, you will receive special rewards. Your Faction Spoils also increase as you earn more Awards.



In FreeDrive and during Missions the infraction meter appears when the Police are monitoring your behavior.

If you commit too many traffic violations when you’re under surveillance the cops will be on to you. The more stars on your infraction meter, the more cops will come after you.

Stay out of their detection range to escape, because if you're arrested or leave FreeDrive while in a chase, you'll have to pay a fine. When playing online, only one player will be targeted by cops. They’re the Most Wanted: block the cops to help them get away.

Crew Roster

The Crew Roster is available anywhere by pressing or by choosing Crew Roster from your Smartphone. Flick through the player profile cards with , sort through them with and and access more player information with . Each card allows you to access a player’s Driver ID, befriend them or add them to your Crew. You can see your friends’ cards even if they’re not connected. Flip over your own card to access your profile.

Drive hub logo

Active challenges

The DriveHub lets you see everything that’s happening in The Crew right now. When a friend beats your score or unlocks a new zone, it’ll be displayed here. The DriveHub also reports your Faction's activity.

It’ll let you know the daily results and when a Faction wins control of a zone.


The Welcome Page keeps you up to date on what’s happening in The Crew.

The Welcome Page is a constantly updated newsfeed; here you can check on your progression, see the activities of your friends, view daily/weekly/monthly challenges, find out about new content and upcoming competitions.

You can also access Awards, Stats, Leaderboards and Faction information.

You can use your Smartphone in FreeDrive and Challenges with . Use the to browse the Smartphone menus. In FreeDrive, you can use any of your Smartphone Apps. You can also use your Smartphone to retry or abort Challenges.

SKILLS are time based challenges that are instantly activated by driving through a Skill Tag. There are 8 different Skill types.

Speed skill

Drive as fast as you can. Stay on the road and avoid collisions to increase your score multiplier.

Once the time limit is reached, the Skill will end. Then you'll be ranked on the global Leaderboards and rewarded with XP, Bucks and Parts depending on your performance.

climb skill

Climb hills and mountains to reach Flags in high and difficult to access places. Drive towards the Flag and Climb as high as you can to get points.

Reaching the flag will give you a bonus. Once the timer has elapsed or the flag is reached, the Skill will end. Then you'll be ranked on the global Leaderboards and rewarded with XP, Bucks and Parts depending on your performance.

escape skill

Drive away from the Tag as quickly as possible in any direction across any terrain. Escape from the radius on your mini-map as it chases you, the further you can get the more your score multiplier increases.

Once the time limit is reached or the escape radius reaches you, the Skill will end. Then you'll be ranked on the global Leaderboards and rewarded with XP, Bucks and Parts depending on your performance.

jump skill

The further your Jump, the higher your score. There are three target zones, bronze, silver and gold, land past these and you will achieve a platinum medal. Land on a bonus target to improve your score for that distance.

Once the time limit is reached or you land on the target, the Skill will end. Then you'll be ranked on the global Leaderboards and rewarded with XP, Bucks and Parts depending on your performance.

precision skill

Drive through the gates as fast as you can without missing one. As you pass successive gates, the score multiplier increases but the gates narrow.

Once the time limit is reached, the Skill will end. Then you'll be ranked on the global Leaderboards and rewarded with XP, Bucks and Parts depending on your performance.

scramble skill

Smash all the targets. As you smash successive targets, the score multiplier increases. The value of each target diminishes over time, so the quicker you smash them, the higher your score.

Once the time limit is reached, the Skill will end. Then you'll be ranked on the global Leaderboards and rewarded with XP, Bucks and Parts depending on your performance.

slalom skill

Weave around the posts, keeping to the indicated side without missing one. Your score multiplier increases with each post you successfully pass

Once the time limit is reached, the Skill will end. Then you'll be ranked on the global Leaderboards and rewarded with XP, Bucks and Parts depending on your performance.


When you play a Skill, your performance is recorded as a Ghost. Your ghost is added to the leaderboards to compete against your friends and other players. When playing a skill you'll see a medal ghost, use these to see how to achieve your next medal

You can select your friends ghosts and medal ghosts from the Tag menu or from the leaderboard screen when you complete a skill, where you can select other players as well.

Race Line

Drive as fast as you can while keeping at least one wheel on the line. Your score multiplier increases but the line shrinks the further you travel. Once the time limit is reached, the Skill will end.

Then you'll be ranked on the global Leaderboards and rewarded with XP, Bucks and Parts depending on your performance.


After a Mission, Skill or Event, the Reward Screen will detail your performance, what score you got and the XP and Bucks you have earned. If you earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal in a Skill or Mission it will reward you with corresponding Part for your car.

Missions are the key to advancing in The Crew, to your progression in the 5-10s and to exposing Coburn and tracking down Shiv.

Each zone has its own Missions. Get a high Mission score to earn more XP, more Bucks and better Parts. Playing in a Crew increases your score bonus. There are 7 types of Missions.


The objective of Race Missions is simple. Get to the finish line before your opponent. Some races require you to complete laps, others are a sprint to the finish. Drive hard and don't miss a checkpoint.

The quicker you finish a race the better the score you'll get. Bonuses are awarded for how much time you spend in first place.

Checkpoint Run

In a Checkpoint Run you are racing against the clock. Reach the next checkpoint before your time runs out to add seconds to your timer.

The quicker you reach the final checkpoint, the better your score. Earn a bonus for each chekpoint you pass in first position.

A to B

In a A to B Mission, you have to drive to a location as fast as possible. No checkpoints, trust your instincts and your GPS.

To get a high score, reach the target location as fast as you can. You’ll get bonus points for not damaging your car.


Takedown Missions are all about stopping your target. Track down the fleeing vehicle and ram it until it stops.

The more damage you do to the target’s car, the higher your score. When playing in a Crew, inflict the most damage for the highest score.


In Getaway Missions the goal is to escape. Get out of range of pursuing vehicles by using your vehicle's strengths and the terrain to your advantage.

Your score is determined by how fast you’re able to lose your pursuers. Earn bonuses by damaging pursuing vehicles.


Collect Missions are all about collecting crates within a time limit.

Collect them all quickly to get the best score. When playing with friends, bonus points are awarded to whoever collects the most crates.

Faction Missions

To play FACTION MISSIONS you must choose a Faction.

They can be played alone, in a Crew, or you can send your friends to compete for you. You can earn Experience, Bucks and Reputation by completing Faction Missions.

Faction Wars

The Crew’s five Factions compete for the control of each region. Every month the leading faction of a region wins access to a bonus Mission with special rewards.

Play PvP and Factions Missions to gain Reputation and increase your Rank and the rank of your faction.

The rank of your faction, your position in it, as well as your awards level in your Driver ID menu will determine your daily salary. This salary is paid in Bucks, be sure to collect it every day.

pvp series

PvP Series

Compete in PvP races. In PvP Series you can play several Events in succession. Each zone has their own Events and new ones become available each hour. You can play them alone, with your Crew or in free-for-all.

Winning PvP Events earns you XP, Bucks and Reputation points. Don’t leave the Event early or you’ll be penalized.

Press to access the map. All Activities in areas you have visited are revealed on your Map; access each Activity Tag to see more information. You can also see what your friends are up to if they are online.

Use to set a Waypoint on your Map or Fast Travel to a previously visited location.

You can switch the zoom level with and , or change what information is displayed using filters.


As you explore the USA, you’ll discover landmarks and other notable locations. They’re marked with a Landmark Tag; activate the Tag to get a better look.

Whenever you discover a new Landmark, you’ll get Bucks and XP. Visit each Landmark for additional bonuses.


All across the USA you’ll find Airports and Train Stations which you can use to travel quickly between towns, cities and zones.


The Midwest, miles of rolling plains, the Ozark mountains, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. Home to Detroit “Motor City” the very roots of the 5-10 motor club, as well as the metropolitan sprawl of Chicago and picturesque St Louis.

Powerful Street Spec cars rule here, ideal for city racing and burning up the highways of the Great Plains. Find your Midwest HQ, Car Dealer and Street Spec Car Tuner in Detroit.

east coast

From the Canadian border down the Atlantic coast to where the Potomac River flows into Chesapeake Bay. The East Coast is home to New York, the most populous City in the USA, the nation’s capital, Washington DC, and hundreds of miles of backwoods dirt.

Outside of the cities, the Dirt Racing scene is huge here. Find your East Coast HQ, Car Dealer and Dirt Spec Car Tuner in New York City.

west coast

The West Coast, from Washington State to the Mexican border. The Pacific coastline is the decadent playground of Shiv and home to the 5-10 Face-Off. Explore Los Angeles from the Hollywood hills to Malibu beach, up to the seven hills of San Francisco and beyond to the Emerald City of Seattle.

To compete in the Face-off you’ll need a high performance Circuit Spec car. Find your West Coast HQ, Car Dealer and Circuit Spec Car Tuner in Los Angeles.

the south

From sun kissed glamor of Miami to historic grandeur of Dallas, from picturesque Key West to vibrant New Orleans. The South is home to a diverse mix of terrain, bayou and highways, dirt tracks and city streets.

The 5-10 scene in the South is all about Perf Spec cars. High performance, high value, street legal racers. You can find your South Zone HQ, Car Dealer and Perf Spec Car Tuner in Miami.

mountain states

The Mountain States contains the most diverse driving terrain in the United States. Vast and rugged, from snow-capped mountains to arid desert canyons, from salt flats to highways and city streets.

All terrain, high performance Raid Spec vehicles are essential to explore the mountains and canyons. Find your Mountain State HQ, Car Dealer and Raid Spec Car Tuner in Las Vegas.

There are 2 currencies in The Crew. You earn Bucks by completing Missions, Skills, PvP Events, Faction Missions and with Stunts. Crew Credits can be obtained in the Store.

The Stunt system rewards you for performing stunts and tricks while in Freedrive. Overtake cars, have a near miss with Oncoming traffic, cause Collateral damage by smashing roadside objects, Jump or Drift your vehicle without causing a collision to earn Bucks.

Perform a series of stunts and tricks within a short amount of time to create a Combo and increase your score. When you form a Crew you can increase your combo modifier by performing stunts and tricks in close proximity to each other.

car dealer

A Car Dealer sells Fullstock cars. They’re pristine rides that can’t be tuned until you buy a Starter Kit in the Car Tuner.

Take each car for a test drive before you buy it.

car tuner

Each Car Tuner allows you to convert your Fullstock cars to a different Spec, and sells parts for that Spec. The Custom and Body sections help you personalize your ride, while the Engine and Chassis parts improve your car’s performance and Car Level.

Each part has a level and a rarity ranking to indicate how valuable it is.


The Workshop has many goals: Install Car Parts you have earned or bought Paint your car and apply Stickers Personalize your ride Repair damaged cars Performance Car Parts affect Car Level, and are rated by their Rarity and Level.


View the cars you own on the Collection board. Each car is represented by a single card.

Different Specs of the same model are arranged in the same column. You can sort cards by purchase date, manufacturer or by Car Level using . Zoom in to get a better view of each card with .

damage bars & repair

Damages only affects the look of the car, not the performance. Your car’s Damage regenerates over time, but to repair it completely you'll need to head to your HQ. Circuit Cars are the most fragile and Raid Spec Cars are the toughest.

Adding a Perk point in the Perk MOBILE MECHANIC allows you to repair your car in FreeDrive, from your Smartphone.

Each Character you recruit will give you access to a set of abilities, called Perks. Perks are upgradeable enhancements to your car, Smartphone or other useful features of the world.

You can upgrade a Perk by spending Perk points which you earn whenever you level up. You can also buy Perk points or reset your Perks with Crew Credits. Find the right combination of Perks to suit your play style.


FBI Agent Zoe Winters is on a Mission to bring down corrupt Agent Bill Coburn. He's an influential figure within the Bureau so Zoe has been forced to go 'off reservation' in her investigation. So she recruited Alex, using his hatred of Shiv as a way to get dirt on Coburn and put him away for good.


An ex-con, Harry put all his energy into cars and tried to keep on the straight and narrow, but in the 5-10's cars and crime go hand in hand. Harry is an old school mechanic and a father figure to Alex and Dayton, so after Dayton’s death and Alex’s incarceration he hit the bottle hard and drifted East, working as a mechanic.

Offered redemption by Alex, he gladly brings his expertise and contacts to The Crew.


A Cuban tuner based in Miami, Alita has earned a rep for high-tech engine tuning and stunning custom paint jobs. When it comes to cars she is the antithesis of Harry, digital over analogue, tech over muscle.

After fleeing an abusive relationship with Shiv she's laying low in Miami, stealing cars to live. Alex offers her a way out: join The Crew and take down Shiv.


Mysterious and smart – Roxanne is a talented and resourceful hacker. On the trail of her missing sister, she tracks the 5-10 Motor Club to the Mountain States. On the way she identifies some unusual activity from a lone 5-10 working his way up the ranks.

Further probing reveals The Crew and Zoe. She realizes that Alex and his crew may be able to help her find her sister.


Hollywood born Vincent is a talented driver who once raced a stock car team. But crooked 5-10 gambling sabotaged his racecar and cost him his edge.

Too injured to race in the top tier, Vincent turned to stunt driving in his home town. He has a complicated past, one that gives him the perspective to advise Alex all about the perils of revenge.


Omar, international 'can do' guy extraordinaire. He can get anything, to anyone, anywhere - at a price. As much at home in a backstreet garage as he is in corporate boardrooms or striking deals in war zones, Omar exists above all the laws and ignores all obligations.

With one exception: Zoe. Whether it's blackmail, a debt owed, or simply affairs of the heart, no one knows.

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