Pinball FX2 captures the atmosphere of real-life pinball machines.

The rules are simple:
the player has to keep the ball on the playfield by using the flippers, and - occasionally - by slightly nudging the table.

Each target, loop and ramp scores a certain amount of points, and there are special modes that can be triggered by specific methods on each table.

During these modes the rules change and special shots or combos are available.
The flashing lights on the playfield and the messages on the dot matrix display always tell which way to shoot the ball.
Buttons Description:
Auto Ball Launch
View Mode
Left Flipper
Right Flipper
Left Flipper
Right Flipper
Nudge Table
Manual Ball Launch
View Mode
Pause Menu
Xbox Home Menu
There are 8 views in Pinball FX2 to follow the action, as well as a Free View option to explore the depths of the playfield.

Pressing the Change View button cycles through the 8 basic views.

Holding the Change View button activates the Free View mode, which allows the player to look around by moving the left or right stick.

Ball launchers

On the new Pinball FX2 tables, each ball can be launched to the playfield manually with a plunger on the right side.

Use the Manual Ball Launch control to adjust the strength of the launch.

Most tables have a Skillshot that rewards the player for a launch with appropriate strength or timing.
Local hotseat

Local Hotseat mode allows up to four players to compete on the same system following the classic arcade rules: the turn passes after a ball is lost.

Split-screen race

Split-screen Race allows two players to play competitively at the same time on one Xbox One console.

The one who reaches the target score first wins the race.

It is also possible to set a time limit for the multiplayer race.

The player with the best score within the time limit wins the match.

Players can lose an unlimited number of balls, but they are penalized a percentage of their score for each lost ball.

The target score and the lost ball penalty can be adjusted before the race on the Split-screen options menu.
In addition to the regular All-Time and Weekly Leaderboards, Pinball FX2 features Pinball Wizard and Superscore Leaderboards.

Superscore can be increased by improving your highest score on any table.
Unite your friends to rank higher on the Pinball Wizard Leaderboard!

Your Wizard Score grows when you and your friends set new high scores and when you play with new tables for Pinball FX2.

The more pinball tables and more pinball-loving friends you have, the higher your rank will be on this Leaderboard!

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