Buttons Description:
Jump/Underwater Boost
Fire/Use Magic
Hold to Push/Pull/Throw
Swap Characters (when available)
Zoom Out/Level Map/Triggers
Zoom Out/Level Map/Triggers
Press for Quick Restart
Press for Quick Restart
Pause Menu
Xbox Home Menu

Throwing: To throw smaller objects, hold X to pick up, use 'left stick' to direct trajectory arc, release X to throw.

Shooting Direction: Press and hold the B button to fire then use the 'left stick' to aim (disabling character movement).

Kick Off: Jump against a surface then press A + 'left stick' (Opposite Direction) to Kick Off.

Sneak: To move through thorns or walk quietly you can sneak by gently moving the 'left stick'.
Organic Panic
It's a fast paced action platformer, with a core of puzzle solving using the enviroments physics and fluids.

Master each of your 4 heroes' (Cherry, Kiwi, Carrot and Coconut) powers and abilities. Fight against an array of technologically armed Meats 'n Cheese in the single player adventure mode and unlock the bonus levels. Then play with friends in Co-op and Versus modes.
puzzles - physics/liquids Materials - have properties use them!
Quick Help Guide:
On the surface Organic Panic can look like a deceptively simple game, but there is more to it than initially meets the eye.
First there are 4 characters to learn, each with their own skills and abilities, some are unique to that character, for instance only Kiwi can swim underwater, and only Carrot can climb. Then each has different magic abilities, and each has different special magic abilities!
On some levels you will have to collect mission items to unlock the escape portal, these items are collected as part of the adventure mode story.
Let there be Magic -
Magic pickups (small orbiting blue energy) will give each of your hero's different powers. Magic is accumilated and unlike most other pickups does not have a time limit, the blue bar under your character is your magic points.

Magic abilities:
  • Cherry - Blasts from the material she is standing on
  • Kiwi - Shoots a blast of water
  • Carrot - Shoots fireballs
  • Coconut - Extends a gravity orb
Special Magic -
Special Magic Orbs (big blue glowing orbs) will give 5 seconds of special powers for each orb collected.
Each Hero has their own unique Special Magic powers.

Special Magic abilities:
  • Cherry - Can burrow through the ground
  • Kiwi - Transforms into a agile liquid form
  • Carrot - Transforms into a burning fire form that is heat resistant
  • Coconut - Can defy gravity and fly
Apple in his great wisdom has placed pickups to help you on your adventures.

Most pickups lasts for 5 seconds.

  • Lightening Bolt = Speed Boost
  • Shield = Invulnurability
  • Heart = extra Health points
  • Crystals = Collect for the finale
  • Stars = Collect 3 for Mega powers (Vs mode only)
  • Time orb = + 2 seconds (Timed levels only)
Along the way your hero will encounter various puzzles, remember many of these are physics based puzzles, to solve them use the environment, materials and liquids - e.g. water puts out fire, rubber is bouncy etc.

Each liquid has it's own dynamic properties.
  • Water - Puts out fires and Drowns enemies
  • Lava - Burns wood and damages heros and enemies alike
  • Acid - Eats through based on the Material type
  • Oil - Is highly flamible

All Materials have their own attributes.
  • Metals - Heavy, doesn't burn and electrically conductive
  • Woods - floats, burns easily, not conductive
  • Earth/Rocks - Heavy, doesn't burn and doesn't conduct
  • Saws/Spikes- Beware very damaging!
  • Blue/Purple Crystal - Blue gives, Purple drains magic
  • Diamond - The hardest material, very heat conductive
  • Rubber - Bouncy but it can burn!
Adventure Mode
Save the world from the evil Meat 'n Cheese empire! With Apple's help, venture to collect magic artifacts, learn skills and powers, and solve the puzzles! Then face off against Baby Cheese in the finale.

Bonus Mode
Complete 'Adventure Mode' to unlock these extra brain-teasing game modes.

Co-op Mode
1-4 player action packed cooperative levels. Working together is the key to success!

Versus Mode
Up the ante and pace by jumping into the wild chaos of Versus mode. With 1-4 players (and team play), each character has their own 'Mega' power (collect 3 stars to activate), and amplify the destruction and fun!!
Pure devastation! She fires a high velocity blast of whatever material she is standing on - the tougher the material the more destruction! With 'special magic' she can burrow through the ground!!!

G'day! Kiwi from down under can swim underwater like a fish. He fires jets of water to fill levels and drown enemies. With 'special magic' he transforms into water itself!

Rock on! Carrot can climb almost any surface and blasts fireballs, setting everything ablaze. With 'special magic' he turns into a flaming carrot, with super-firepower and heat resistance.

The reluctant hero Coconut is a tad slower than the rest. He controls gravity lifting characters, objects and liquids. With 'special magic' he turns into a flying superfruit!

Apple - (non-playable)
The wise old guide helps the group with his magic portals and fire-pit story telling antics.

Meats 'n Cheese -
Armed with an arsenal of guns, rocket launchers, dynamite, poison gas and big boxing gloves these guys will make short work of your hero's fruitiness in direct combat, but use your thinking cap and some agility to overcome the odds and turn them into Pizza!
Sweet fruit ready to Rock and Roll!
Apple -
Your hero's wise old guide, Apple helps the group with his magic portals and fire-pit story telling antics, plus you know, he wants to save his Sister...and the World!
Cherry -
Our little lady maybe sweet but she is one ground busting little pop. Cherry + Magic is pure devastation - she fires a high velocity blast of whatever material she is standing on, the tougher the material the more the destruction.
With her Special Magic (timed 5sec's for each orb) Cherry can literally burrow through the earth, liked a super-speed mole, thus further adding to her destructive nature!
Kiwi -
Our friend from down under is a perky green fruit, always ready for some fun and laughs, he sees the humor in all situations.
Kiwi can swim, he just can, up, down and all around, he's like a fish in water, and a Tarzan out of water.
Feed him some magic and he can fire jets of water, putting out fires or drowning enemies.
Special Magic enables his secret trick, he transforms into a liquid form, fast and able to squeeze through the smallest gaps, he's also undetectable to enemies, although beware, turret electro/lazer guns can detect him.

Carrot -
Is the Angry Punk anarchist of the group, Carrot's fiery temper is only matched my his mad guitar skills! - Carrot also has the unique ability to climb, up, down, upside down he can do it all!
With Magic he is quite the fire starter, shooting fireballs, and setting everything ablaze.
With Special Magic he becomes a fruity firestorm greatly adding to his destructive nature, as well as his heat resistance.
Coconut -
Coconut is our tough big Emo hero, always ready to give up but willing to jump in one last time for his friends. Coconut is a little slower and less agile than the rest, but he makes up for it with his tough hide and his magic skills.
Fed with a little Magic Coconut becomes gravity defying, he can lift, throw/drop everything, spiked balls, water/lava, enemies even the ground he is standing on.
With Special Magic Coconut really comes into his own, freely flying about like a true super fruit, combined with his regular magic it makes for a devastating combination.
Meats 'n Cheese -
Armed with an arsenal of guns, rocket launchers, dynamite, poison gas grenades and big boxing gloves these guys will make short work of your hero's fruitiness in a direct confrontation. But if you use your thinkin cap plus agility to overcome the odd's, you can make a nice Meat 'n Cheese Stew!
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