Always at the edge of control, never sure if you are going to make the next turn, with breath-taking jumps... Jet Car Stunts is the most thrilling racing experience of the year.

Packed with improved tracks, new cars and new game modes, this is the definitive version of Jet Car Stunts on any platform!

In Platforming your objective is to go through all of the checkpoints in the right order without crashing more than 10 times. To get all 3 stars for the level you must finish it without starting over.

In Time trial do 5 laps as quickly as possible. Each time you crash or start over adds 1 second to the total time. To get all 3 stars finish within the required time.

In Collector you must find and collect all of the stars. The car is more responsive and automatically refills with jet fuel when not used. Respawning has no negative effect. The car will respawn at the last checkpoint it reached. You can return to previous checkpoints via the in-game menu.

Only Platforming and Time trial are ranked in the leaderboards. Two player ghosts are displayed, if available. One is your best previous score for that level, the other is downloaded from a higher position in the leaderboards.

The table below lists the default settings. The controls can be reassigned in Settings.

Reset at checkpoint
Air brake
In-game Menu
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Developed and published by

Grip Games

True Axis