Trackmania Turbo is a time-attack racing game set in four environments, which includes a powerful editor allowing you to create your own tracks.
Each of the four environments highlights a different aspect of the car's handling.
Canyon Grand Drift: drifting is the key (brake to perform a drift).
Down and Dirty Valley: beware the changes in surface adherence (road and dirt).
RollerCoaster Lagoon: the car is very responsive, and should be controlled with quick repetitive touches.
International Stadium: high speed, precise control, and maximum adherence.
The global ranking is both worldwide and regionalized: you can be the best player in your country!
To choose the region you are registered in, go to the Settings in the main menu.
Playing the solo campaign and online with other players has an impact on your global ranking.
In Trackmania Turbo, you can create your own tracks with the Trackbuilder and share them with the community or play on them locally.
Double Driver allows two players to control the same car at the same time.
Each player has 50% control of the engine, brakes, and steering. For instance, when player 1 goes left and player 2 goes right, the car goes straight on!
You'll need two controllers while controlling the car as a "Double Driver".
Double Driver has a dedicated campaign and can be activated in Hotseat and Arcade modes.
When "Stunt" is activated, fill up the Turbo gauge by performing acrobatics with your car. Diversify the figures and mind your landing to gain more Turbo. Use your Turbo gauge wisely! Stunt is available in Secret mulitplayer modes, Challenges and Online Racing.
(Stunt only) STUNT CONTROL
(Stunt only) TURBO
Campaign mode allows you to race through the 200 official tracks.
Win medals on all tracks to unlock new tracks and customization items.
The Solo and Double Driver campaigns are independent. Only performances from the Solo campaign are recorded for the online rankings.
Try to get the best medals successively within a Tracklist to score points and win Echelons. Challenges are created by players.
The higher the Echelon of the creator, the faster you will progress in Echelons by beating the challenge.
You can train on each Challenge track before racing it for good. When creating your own challenge, you have to define a Tracklist, then race it to validate the Trackmaster medals.
Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are generated automatically.
You can also activate the Stunt variant.
Any track you make and validate is available locally in the multiplayer modes.
To invite other people to play one of your tracks online, you have to upload it first.
Your friends will see it appear in their "tracks by friends" tab.
If a player has set you as one of his/her favorite authors, he/she will get your new track.
You can add it to the Tracklist in one of your Rooms.
You can create a new Challenge including the track.
You will always see the tracks made and uploaded by your friends.
When playing Challenges or online modes (Rooms), you can add the current track to your favorites and use it afterwards.
You can add authors you like to your list of favorite authors. This gives you access to all of their uploaded tracks.
You can also find tracks uploaded by the other players in the "Online" tab of the Trackbuilder Workshop.
The trackbuilder tool allows you to create your own tracks.
To be valid, a Track needs
- one start line and one finish line
- to be raced once (in order to make sure it is achievable and to set the reference time).

Optionally, a track can be uploaded to be made playable online or added to Challenges.
Tracks are made of pre-defined blocks, placed on a three dimensional grid. You are free to place any block anywhere as long as you respect the following constraints.
The grid has a fixed size in both width and height.
The terrain restricts where blocks can be placed, and you have a limited number of blocks depending on the environment. Three Trackbuilder modes are available (Beginner, Normal, Advanced). Make sure you try the easier ones before using the advanced one.
In Beginner and Normal mode, the terrain is pre-defined (in Normal mode, you can choose between four different settings)
You choose blocks of roads one after the other. The number of blocks available is higher in Normal mode.
The decoration is generated automatically (using the parameters defined in Normal mode). In advanced mode, you can create your own terrain and place any block freely as long as it respects the constraints dictated by the terrain and boundaries. When creating a track, you can also choose the mood. This has no influence on gameplay.
Three modes are available for local play: Hotseat for a classical game, arcade for persistent leaderboards and splitscreen for intense confrontations.

You can also launch Secret modes to spice up the game!
Hotseat is a party mode perfect for games including players of varying levels.
Each player has a limited amount of time to perform the best possible time.
The last player in the score table plays until they overtake another player or run out of fuel.
Note that the time is noted as "fuel", but its consumption is the same whatever your speed.
When your gas tank is empty you can still finish the race, but it is your last chance!
Tip: in order to save fuel, do not hesitate to restart the race if you are too far behind, especially if your gas tank is nearly empty (to take advantage of the reserve).
Hotseat is available in Double Driver mode.
Arcade is a persistent mode recording a 10-rank leaderboards on custom tracks, like an arcade machine at home.
You have three runs to perform the best possible time and make it to the leaderboard.
Once the track is loaded, you can reset the leaderboard in the pause menu. Arcade is available in Double Driver mode.
Splitscreen is for 2-4 competing players of the same level, using the same screen.
All players start together. The first one to cross the finish line gets 10 points, the second one 6 points, the third one 4 points and the last one 1 point.
When the first player crosses the finish line, the other players have only 30 seconds to end the race.
Players who do not make it to the end score no points. Once a player earn 40 points, they are declared a "Finalist".
A "Finalist" player has to win a race (first to cross the finish line) to win the game.
In the Secret mode, enter a combination of inputs to unlock news modes and variants to Hotseat, Arcade and Split Screen.

With the Bonus variant, get bonuses each time you cross a checkpoint and beware the random events (recommended with multilap tracks).
With the Monoscreen variant, do not let your car get out of sight or you will lose credits.
With the Smash variant, accelerate by continuously pressing the accelerator.
With the Collision variant, cars collide with each others.
With the Fun variant, collisions and catch-up speed are applied.
With the Pro variant, no catch-up speed is applied.
You can play on various types of tracks:
Official tracks unlocked in the campaign;
- Your own tracks or your favorite tracks from the community;
- Randomly-generated tracks.
Randomly-generated tracks are automatically validated and stored under the "My tracks" tab with the "random" style by default.
Enter a Room to play online and win Echelons (from 0 to 9). Rooms are created by players.
While in a room, you will play at the same time as other players (make sure you have the necessary privileges to do so).
Three game modes are available
Time Attack: Make the best possible time within the time limit.
Rounds: players start together. The first one to cross the finish line gets the most points.
Laps: cross as many checkpoints as possible within a given time.
When playing online, you can add the current Room to your favorite rooms.

Some rooms also use the Stunt variant.
You can create rooms in the "My Rooms" tab of the Room Browser.
When doing so, you have to define a Tracklist composed of a set of tracks available in your Track Browser.
Only uploaded tracks can be added to a Tracklist. If you want to create a Room with your own tracks, make sure you upload them first (in the Trackbuilder section).
Optionally, you may define
- a style,
- the game mode,
- the maximum number of simultaneous players in the room,
- the minimum Echelon to enter the room. Players under that Echelon will not be allowed in (setting it to 0 makes it a room for everyone),
- a password, if you want your room to be private,
- Voice chat functionalities are only accessible in private rooms.

You can also parameterize
- (Time Attack) the time limit
- (Rounds) the points limit
- (Laps) the laps limit

You can also activate the Stunt variant.
Go to the garage to customize the look of your cars.
Customization has no influence on gameplay.
Most of the customization items are unlocked by playing the Solo or Double Driver campaigns.
Reaching a new echelon will also unlock special items.
Join the Ubisoft Club to unlock exclusive Legendary Paintwork.
Items are applied to all cars at the same time (e.g. you cannot put a sticker on just one of four cars).
The Stadium car is not affected by paintwork changes, and remains the color of the country you have chosen.
The mix allows you to play the game's music.
During gameplay, music is randomly selected. You can deactivate music tracks in the Music Mix to make sure they are never selected in-game.
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