In the formative years of 8-bit action gaming, there were fewer names bigger than Mega Man. For years the Blue Bomber astounded players with vibrant worlds, iconic bosses and impressive power-ups; in the Mega Man Legacy Collection, these six titles are all yours, complete with a museum chock full of art, music and of-the-era materials previously lost to time.

Your goal in each game is ultimately the same - beat an assortment of Robot Masters and then take down the nefarious Dr Wily. The real hook, however, is finding the best order to tackle the Robot Masters, as each boss is weak to another boss' weapon. For example, trying to best Elec Man with just the standard gun is tough, while approaching him armed with Cut Man's weapon ups your chances considerably. Experiment and find the best path!

Once you've mastered all six Mega Man games, there are still numerous tasks to consider in our extra Challenge mode. Some of these challenges may help newcomers better understand certain areas of the game, or they might put the world's best players to the test. There's something for everyone in this robust, reverent compilation.

or Move character / Navigate menu
MM1 Pause/Select
Start (in-game only)
Hold Charge Shot (4,5 and 6)
+ Slide (3,4,5 and 6)
Options Menu
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