The goal of the game is to dance as closely in rhythm as possible with the dancer(s) on screen. The flow of your body movements will be sensed by the Kinect Sensor and compared with those of professional dancers in order to evaluate your performance precisely. The amount of energy you put in is also detected and affects your score, so give it your all!

Navigating the Menus

To dance and navigate the menus, all you need is a Kinect for Xbox One. First, face the Kinect Sensor. To control the menu, or take control of the menu, a player has to raise one of their hands.


Your hand is represented on screen as a hand cursor; you can switch hands at any time by simply lowering your current hand and raising the hand you wish to use.

Hover and Hold

To activate a button, you must move the hand cursor over the button, and then hold your hand over it until the selection circle is full. This is a successful press.

Page Navigation

To swipe between pages, simply close your hand. This will attach your hand to the page, move your closed hand left or right. When you move your hand far enough the song selection screen will move left or right accordingly.

Move hand over button
Hold hand in position
When the selected circle…

Buttons description:

  • Accept
  • Back
  • Private Session (in WDF)/ Rating on Score Recap Screen
  • No Function
  • Scroll Left (Trigger Navigation)
  • Scroll Right (Trigger Navigation)
  • Navigate
  • Invoke options in the coverflow
  • For invoking the Xbox Dashboard
  • For moving the cursor in the game

For each movement, the system evaluates your performance in terms of rhythm and quality of execution. Your score feedback indicates how good you are.

  • FAIL: You’ve missed something.
  • OK: Not bad. Now try to synchronize better with the dancer.
  • GOOD: Nice move! Increase your energy and stay in rhythm with the dancer.
  • PERFECT: Awesome! There is nothing more to teach you. A dancer is born!

Gold Moves

Some moves are more than just moves—they are Gold Moves. You will recognize them by the golden pictogram and special effects around the dancer. Performing a Gold Move correctly earns you a lot of points.

The Stars

Stars indicate your performance over the course of a song. While you are playing, the interface above your name shows how many stars you have.


Leaderboards are displayed on the Mode Selection screen and switch between your local players, region and the entire world!

For each song, you can see the highest scores for it. Try to improve your score every time you play!

Your Dancer Card is created when you begin your Just Dance Journey!

The Dancer Card page is accessed in the Main Menu. This page shows your personal statistic and provides access to all of your saved autodance videos. You can also edit your Just Dance avatar here or buy new avatars with mojo.


Mojo is the currency of Just Dance: it allows you to buy new Choreographies and new Avatars in the game.

How to Gain Mojo?

You can gain Mojo in many ways:

  • Stars: At the end of a song, you gain one Mojo point for each star.
  • Karaoke: Playing Karaoke during a song will make you gain additional Mojo.
  • Dance with Friends: Invite your friends to dance with you! More people dancing means more stars, which means more Mojo!
    • Be curious! Explore! Become an expert dancer!

      Try new content, unlock alternative dances, and win stars—you’ll find other ways to gain Mojo and be rewarded!

      Spending Mojo

      • New Dances: You can unlock Mash—Up dances on the Mode Selection screen.
      • New Avatars: You can buy new Avatars with Mojo in the Dancer Card.


The Classic is the original choreography in pure Just Dance style. There can be up to six dance coaches on the screen and up to six players can dance at the same time!


Dancers from all songs team up to create a new mash—up. Pay attention: you may even notice that several dancers from previous Just Dance games make an appearance! Additionally, Sweat Mash-Ups are focused on fitness moves.

Alternative Dances

Do you want to have a new game experience? Alternative Dances allow you to rediscover a song with brand new choreography. Improve your skill with a more difficult choreography, try the Sweat version if you like fitness training and experiment with new ways to dance to your favourite songs!

In Just Dance 2015, all players can send score challenges online through the game! You have the opportunity to challenge a friend or anyone else in the world. But be careful, they can challenge you back!

Can you hold on to your top score?

Challenges will appear on the Main Menu on the Songs that players are challenging you on, you can also accept challenges from the JD Wall or add them at any time in a Lobby.

In Just Dance 2015, everybody can record themselves in the game and share the video with the Just Dance team. The developers will then make a remix of the best videos and share it with the whole Just Dance Community that everyone can dance and score to!

So done a crazy hat or pull out a costume and record yourself! Stand out! Maybe you will be selected for the next Community Remix!

After sharing, your videos can be viewed in the Community Remix screen. Do not send videos that are illegal, offensive, or could infringe the rights of others. Do not include personal information and make sure you have obtained all necessary rights and permissions from third parties. Your videos may be redistributed by third parties and if selected will feature in a song on Just Dance 2015.

Note: You will need a Uplay account to contribute to a Community Remix.

Selecting a post will take you to the part of the game relevant to the posts content.

Accessed from the Main Menu, here you can plan your effort for a 10—minute, 20—minute, or 40—minute session. You can edit or randomize your playlist.

Kcal Tracking

If you’re looking for a dance workout, enable the Kcal tracking. When you dance with Kcal tracking on, a special interface will show you how many calories you have burned.

Non-Stop Shuffle

If you don’t want the party to stop, try Non-stop Shuffle. You can keep dancing for as long as you like!

Make your friends dance, even the ones that can’t. Autodance records video clips during gameplay and will sync your movements into an instant dance routine, proof that anyone can Just Dance.

Autodance Editing

During the Autodance recap at the end of a song, you can customize your Autodance videos. Choose from effects by pressing the toggle button to switch between cool effects.

Autodance Banner

The Autodance banner runs along the top of the screen and displays content from the Just Dance Community. Select a piece of content and it will be loaded for you to view, feel free to browse as much as you'd like!

You can press the Autodance Banner to switch between different types of content. It will display content from the Community, your friends, your own content or even different themes.


Autodance content can be viewed in the following places:

  • My Channel — A collection of your own personal Autodance Content
  • Autodance Recap Screen - You can access Community content from the Autodance Banner.

Go on the World Dance Floor to dance with the whole world!

The World Dance Floor is a huge party where players from all countries can meet new dancers, dance together, and compete with each other.

Every player in the world shares the same playlist, and everybody dances to the same song at the same time.

Main Page

On the Main Page of World Dance Floor, you will see:

  • How many people are dancing right now
  • Which song they are dancing to
  • What the theme of the current dance is

Dance Now

Select Dance Now to join a party and dance with people online. Your friends in your living room can also join the party; up to 8 players can dance together! All players in a party compete with each other: who will be the best dancer?


All your Xbox Live friends are displayed in your Just Dancers Friend list. There, you can invite your friends to join you in a party, watch their Dancer Card, or join their dances.

World Challenge

Sometimes, one side of the Community of the World Dance Floor will compete against the other.

You will be asked to choose a side and defend your group by dancing!

At the end of the song, the side with the best score wins the battle!


At the end of a song, you will see the score of all dancers in the party.

There, you will be asked to vote for the next song, select a side for a community competition, and choose your coach.

Online Level

When you beat another player on the World Dance Floor, your Online Level will increase. As your Online Level becomes higher, you will unlock special Avatars. Select them to show your skill!

Just Dance VIP

The Just Dance team will invite special guests to star on the World Dance Floor! You could see famous artists, your favorite Just Dance super fans, members of the Just Dance game production team, and who knows who else will make appearances throughout the year! They will be in your dance session and you can dance along with them. Stay tuned to the Just Dance Wall to see who’s appearing, and enjoy this incredible opportunity!


From time to time the World Dance Floor will become host to great tournaments. During these tournaments any performances on the WDF will count towards your current rank. Give it your all and you could end up top of your region or even the World!

You can go to the Shop via the Shop button on the Main Page.

Free Song

The first time you go to the Shop, there will be a free piece of Downloadable Content just for you!

Try it straight away!

Purchasing items

Tons of new items are available in the Shop and will need to be purchased for your Xbox Live profile.

New Songs

Want to add variety to your playlist? New Downloadable Content is added every month to Just Dance 2014. Check the Shop to find new songs from the charts.

Bonus: Each new song comes with at least one new special avatar.

Redeeming Codes

If you have codes from one of Ubisofts partners you can redeem them from the shop. From the Shop menu press the Redeem Code button and follow the instructions.

Sign up with Uplay to get exclusive Ubisoft content and rewards! It’s free and only takes a minute to set up. With Just Dance 2014, your Uplay account will let you upload your Autodances, unlock extra content, and more!

Creating an Account

If you do not already have an existing Uplay account the first time you play Just Dance 2014, you will be prompted to create one. To do this we will require you to provide an email address and a preferred Username. We may use information from your Xbox Live gamercard for this purpose.

A welcome email will contain information to recover and set a password.

Linking an Account

If you already have a Uplay account, you will be prompted to login the first time you play Just Dance 2014. Your email address and Uplay password will be required for this.

Uplay and JDTV

You will require a Uplay account to be able to share Autodance content publicly. This includes sharing to JDTV, Xbox Live friends, Facebook, and Twitter.

Uplay Account Management

You can go to the Uplay website at any time to manage your account:

Sharing to Facebook

To share your Autodance videos to Facebook simply enable Facebook as a share option, the game will then prompt you to enter your account details.

You can now use your mobile device to dance along to Just Dance 2015.

You will need to download the Just Dance 2015 Motion Controller App to your device.

Next you need to connect to your console, press the 'Connect' button and select your console from the list.

Once you are connected, press the 'Play' button and you will be ready to dance!

How to hold the device

If you experience difficulties playing your Ubisoft game, please contact our 24-hour online solution centre at first.

Faulty Game:

If you believe your game is faulty, please contact our support team before returning your product to the retailer.

Damaged Game:

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If your receipt has expired and you are within the 90-day warranty period, please contact the Ubisoft support team for verification.

Please note that we do not offer hints & tips at our technical support centre.

These can usually be found free of charge on the Internet.

Common Error Messages

Installing Error

This feature is not yet installed. Please wait for Just Dance 2015 to be fully installed and then try again.

Your Gallery is Full Error

Warning, your gallery is full. You will need to delete local content from your gallery to save new Autodance videos.

Ubisoft Servers Not Available

The Ubisoft server is unavailable. Please try again later.