Live as a soldier. Fight as a general. Rise as a legend.

Amidst the chaos of the late Roman Empire, become soldier Marius Titus and embark on a perilous campaign to avenge the death of your family and defend the honor of Rome. In Gladiator mode, step into the Colosseum and fight for the glory, spectacle, and entertainment of the crowds. In a story of corruption, struggle, and revenge, Ryse is every hero’s journey in their quest to fulfill their destiny.

Ryse presents a breathtaking cinematic recreation of the Roman Empire and its people, conflicts, and landscapes. It brings the brutality and intensity of Roman warfare to life in visceral detail, thrusting you into the chaos of close-quarters combat, where the emotion on the enemy's face can be seen and felt.

Showcasing the possibilities of Xbox One, Ryse lets you manage your character's progress with your mobile or tablet device, record and share your best gameplay moments with friends, and command legions with your voice.

Installing Ryse: Son of Rome

If you purchased the retail version of Ryse: Son of Rome, insert the Blu-ray disc into your console and follow the on-screen prompts. Otherwise, perform a Bing search or browse the game catalog and select Ryse: Son of Rome. Follow the on-screen prompts.

User Profiles

You can change user profiles manually at any time in the dashboard.

Xbox One Game Clips

Xbox One offers the ability to capture your own game footage—after it occurs.

  • The moment you've completed a spectacular execution in Ryse, for instance, just say "Xbox, record that!" and Xbox One will select and save a recording of the last 30 seconds of your gameplay.

To view your captured Game Clips, go to the My Clips section of the Upload app. You can keep your Game Clips private or share them publicly with your friends. To edit your Game Clips and record voice-over, search Xbox apps for Upload Studio and follow the on-screen prompts to download and begin editing.

  • Deflect / Use
  • Revive Teammate (Gladiator)
  • Evade
  • Sword Attack
  • (Hold) Heavy Sword Attack
  • Push / Break Obstacle
  • (Hold) Heavy Push
  • Execute Enemy
  • Use Focus Power
  • Aim / Lock On (Ranged)
  • Taunt (Gladiator)
  • (Hold) Troop Orders (Campaign)
  • (Tap) Pilum Quick Throw
  • (Hold) Charge Weapon (Ranged)
  • (Release) Throw Weapon (Ranged)
  • (Hold) Load / Auto-Target (Scorpio)
  • (Release) Fire (Scorpio)
  • Move
  • (Press) Sprint
  • Rotate Camera
  • (Press) Point of Interest
  • Select Execution Perk (Campaign)
  • Use Elixir (Gladiator)
  • Hero Upgrades (Campaign)
  • Menu

Using the Real Voice technology of Kinect for Xbox One, you can say commands to initiate contextual actions during gameplay.


Xbox, Change View (Campaign)
Access Upgrades menu during gameplay
Xbox, Go to Ryse, Son of Rome
Launch the game from the Home screen or from the My games & apps screen
Xbox, Help
Open Ryse game manual
Xbox, Show Menu
Access Timeline menu during Campaign, Multiplayer menu during Gladiator


Look for the on-screen prompts to use these voice commands.

Archers, Cover Me
Instruct archers to provide covering fire for Marius
Catapult Fire
Command a catapult to fire
Command your soldiers to charge
Fire Volley
Launch a volley of arrows
Get Those Cages Open
Instruct your troops to open cages
Soldiers, Move Out
Command your troops to disperse during an enemy artillery barrage

In single player, called Campaign, there are four difficulty modes: Recruit, Soldier, Centurion, and Legendary. Each is successively more challenging. Legendary is unlocked by completing the game in any other difficulty mode.

The best mode for those who want to enjoy the story. Enemies are less dangerous. Perk rewards are greater.
The best mode for those used to combat-action games. Enemies are more dangerous.
This is a deadly mode suited for those who want a very challenging experience. Enemies are much more dangerous and tough. Perk rewards are reduced.
Legendary is incredibly challenging. Every enemy is deadly. Perk rewards are more challenging to get. It is strongly recommended that you have every character upgrade before attempting this mode.

In multiplayer, called Gladiator, you can play Arena and Round to Round with another player online. You can also team up to take in Survival mode, available in the new Duel of Fates downloadable content.


Join with a fellow Gladiator to face the challenges of the world's most famous fighting arena, the Colosseum. Compete against each other for executions and rack up separate scores. Experience the roar of the crowd as you fight for gold and glory while playing through a series of dynamic environments.

Round to Round

Team up with a fellow Gladiator to face any challenge the Colosseum can throw at you. The winner chooses the next arena environment you'll play.


Fight for your life alongside another Gladiator in Survival mode, now available in the new Duel of Fates downloadable content. Your health is dwindling, and only the satisfaction of killing your enemies can keep you alive. The better the execution, the more your health recovers, but you'll need to keep killing to survive.


Solo offers all players a chance to play a selection of multiplayer maps alone. For an extra challenge, venture into the Colosseum and prove your mettle.

In the main menu, select Hero to bring up customization options for your Gladiator.

Customization options include consumable elixirs, weapons, shields, helmets, upper and lower body armor, gauntlets, and boots. Select an area on the Gladiator screen to see the available options for that gear type. Each item bestows a range of stats on your Gladiator when equipped, including Crowd Bonus, XP Gain, Health Regen, Health Amount, Health Capsules, Focus Gain, Focus Amount, Focus Capsules, Focus Time, and Inventory. Each item's stats are displayed on the Hero screen.


You can equip up to two consumables at a time. Select one of the two Consumables slots on the Hero screen to see available options.

In Gladiator mode, you can spend Gold to customize your character’s weapons and armor, improving performance in battle. The more you play, the higher your Rank, and the better the level of equipment available for purchase. For more information, go to Unlockables > Purchasing.


The mainstay of the Gladiator, Roman swords vary in length, power, and ease of handling—but every sword is capable of dealing vicious damage in the hands of an expert swordsman.

  • Perfect strikes are faster than poorly timed strikes. To perform a perfect strike, begin your second strike just as the first hit connects.
  • Press to perform a sword attack.
  • Hold to perform a heavy sword attack.
  • After Focus has been activated, press in quick succession to unleash a flurry of attacks on stunned foes, or press to knock back the targeted enemy.


The Roman shield is as fierce a weapon as any sword, dealing blunt-force trauma as well as sharp-edged punishment in close quarters.

  • Press to perform a shield push attack.
  • Hold to perform a heavy shield push attack.
  • Press to deflect an enemy's attack.
  • Press with precise timing to perform a perfect deflection, staggering your enemy and protecting against heavy attacks.


The pilum is a medium-range javelin that can pierce armor when thrown with might and skill.

  • Hold to aim your pilum. Hold to zoom, and then release to throw. Successful hits are not guaranteed against moving targets.
  • Tap and simultaneously to quick-throw pila in combat.
  • Hold to zoom.
  • Press to collect pila from a nearby weapon rack.


The Scorpio is a powerful artillery weapon capable of savagely obliterating enemies at a distance with great accuracy. Aim your Scorpio at glowing objects such as barrels for even more explosive results.

  • Press to use the Scorpio.
  • To aim your Scorpio, move .
  • Press and hold to zoom in and target enemy.
  • Release to shoot Scorpio projectiles.
  • Press to leave the Scorpio.


  • Use to rotate the camera.
  • Use to move your character.
  • Press to sprint.
  • Press to open the Hero screen (Campaign only).


  • The red bar in the upper left corner of the screen is your Health meter.
  • The white bar in the upper left corner of the screen is your Focus meter.


  • Some enemies require that you open their guard: press to use your shield to stun or stagger them — or perform a perfect deflection once.
  • Press and hold for a strong attack.


  • Deflect incoming attacks by pressing .
  • Press to evade incoming heavy attacks.
  • Open an enemy's guard by pressing .
  • Press to deflect arrows. A perfectly timed block will deflect the arrow and may hit an enemy.
  • Some enemies require multiple deflects in a row to open them to attack. They can also be opened to attack with a successful chain of multiple pushes or a heavy push.
  • Enemies will regain composure after a few hits. Open them up to attack again to continue dealing damage.
  • Once opened to attack, vary and to keep the enemy open longer.
  • When an enemy attacks, wait until the last moment before pressing for a perfect deflection.
  • A perfect deflection is another way to open up shielded enemies to attack. A perfect deflection can be used in situations where a normal deflect would fail, such as when an enemy performs a heavy attack. Time your deflection correctly to maximize its effect.


  • Press to activate Focus mode. Some Focus attacks slow down all enemies in the area of effect.
  • Press to be rewarded with the Focus Perk when you execute an enemy (Campaign only).
  • In Focus mode, press to kick enemies great distances.

Formation (Campaign Only)

  • Use to move your formation.
  • Hold to order the formation to throw pila. The longer you hold before releasing, the more accurate the throw.
  • Hold to block incoming arrow volleys.


  • Press to activate the health execution perk (Campaign only).
  • In Campaign mode, performing executions with the health perk active is the only way to actively regenerate health during combat. Follow on-screen prompts to regenerate more health. In Gladiator mode, you can equip armor that provides an additional Health Regen effect that continuously refills the current Health Capsule.


  • In Gladiator mode, press to fill the bar and get the Colosseum crowd excited — but be wary: an overly excited crowd also angers nearby enemies! Pressing also extends the combo meter when no enemies are nearby.

The more mastery you show in combat, the more items you can unlock to improve your chances in battle.


Executions and Skill Upgrades can be purchased with Gold or Valor; Gladiator weapons, armor, and consumables can be purchased with Gold. You can earn Gold and Valor by playing, or you can purchase Gold in the Xbox store. Once an item is purchased it will appear in your inventory.

Gold can be earned in Gladiator mode or it can be purchased in the Xbox store.

Valor can be earned in Campaign mode. The better you perform in combat, the more Valor you receive.

Skill upgrades improve your character in Campaign and are unlocked according to Title. The more you play, the higher your Title, and the better the skill upgrades that are unlocked and can be purchased using Valor or Gold.

Executions allow you to perform more impressive kills on the battlefield. Executions are purchased with Valor or Gold. When you perform an execution, timing is everything. Timing windows are indicated by a sound, and the enemy is highlighted in the color of the button to be pressed. Pressing the right button at the right time gains you additional rewards. The best timing is "Legendary," and it gives the highest reward.

Execution Rewards

Execution rewards include increases in Health, Focus, Attack Boost, and XP. In Gladiator, execution rewards are bestowed upon you by the god you choose. In Campaign, rewards can be chosen using . Remember: You must execute enemies to earn the reward!

  • Your timing during an execution affects the value of the reward you receive; the better the timing, the better the reward.
  • You can change the type of execution rewards as often as you like to benefit a variety of fighting situations.
  • Use to select the execution perk.

Collect music, scrolls, vistas, and cinematics in Ryse. Complete the Ryse in-game comic book by collecting chronicles in every level.

Ryse Digital Interactive Graphic Novel

Check out Ryse: Sword of Damocles, the three-issue digital interactive graphic novel at to collect Gold you can use in the game.


You can adjust audio, camera inversion, and game settings on the Settings screen.

Terms of Use

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Ryse Customer Support

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